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fringe necklace inspiration

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One of my favorite necklaces to wear is a multi colored, beaded fringe style necklace. I always get compliments on it. I’ve wanted to have more in my accessory stash. So I decided to put a ReFashion spin on this style and challenge myself to create one with a t-shirt!

#Refashion a tshirt into a fringe necklace scarf -

A t-shirt makes it super soft, small baby/toddler friendly and a major STATEMENT piece! Plus it’s so easy to dress up a plain top by slipping this fringe necklace/scarf on (see more tips for dressing up a tshirt here too)! You can always play with the length. I went for super LONG as a change.


  • T-shirt (new or well worn)┬áThe bigger the tee the longer the fringe. Use little kids sized tee’s to make some for your kids too! Rounded/Crew neck style or V neck style both work great!
  • Scissors and/or rotary cutter & mat
  • Straight pins
  • sewing machine/color coordinating thread

Step 1: Lay your tshirt flat ( I bought mine on clearance for $3). Using scissors or a cutting mat/rotary cutter, cut diagonally from the outside of the neckline to the outside bottom hem. Repeat the same cut on the opposite side of the neckline.

Tshirt Scarf

tshirt scarf

Step 2: Cut off the bottom hem. Using your scissors or your rotary cutter make long cuts from the bottom hem to the neckline about 1/2″ wide. This will create the fringe. The wider the strips the “chunkier” the fringe. Stop right at the neckline – do NOT cut through the neckline.

tshirt scarf

tshirt scarf

Because we cut a triangular shape with the t-shirt and made diagonal cuts for the fringe, when nearing the middle of the tee you will need to make a center cut. Then fill in small triangle space with shorter diagonal cuts.

tshirt fringe scarf BrassyApple.comtshirt fringe scarf

tshirt fringe scarf

Repeat the same type of width and cuts on the opposite side of the center cut. I found that working from the outside in towards the center was easiest.

DIY fringe tshirt scarf

Step 3: Pin the front and back of the shirt together along the neckline. Using coordinating thread, attach the two sides together stitching a line that hidden as much as possible or sew over a stitching line that is already there. This will double the fringe and fullness of this accessory.

tshirt scarf

WHEN SEWING – do NOT stitch all the way around. Start and stop before the neckline pieces overlap. This will ensure the neckline lays flat when worn.

diy tshirt knit scarf refashion -

tshirt fringe scarf

tshirt scarf refashion -

Step 4: Flip the t-shirt over and cut along the bottom of the neckline and close to the stitching line. You are cutting away the excess fabric. The neckline is the part that goes around your neck like a chain on a necklace.

tshirt fringe scarf refashion -

tshirt fringe scarf refashion -

Step 5: Pull the strips of t-shirt knit to make them roll and become tighter. Slip it over your head and determine how much you need to cut off to be the length you like.

tshirt fringe scarf refashion -

Step 6: Lay your entire piece flat and create a tapered look to your fringe by cutting from the sides towards the middle. Determine the length you want the middle to be and cut as desired.

tshirt fringe scarf refashion -

DONE!!! A fun, comfortable and chic way to create and dress up any top ANY time of year! Play around with different colored t-shirts and patterned t-shirts too – I’m already working with a striped tshirt and this same tutorial. Also think about layering two colors together – maybe the colors of your favorite sports team!

DIY fringe necklace using a tshirt

fringe neck 2 edit

fringe neck 3 edit


  1. I love your idea and I love fringe. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks again.

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