Bad OVERSEAS online clothes buying experience

bad online buying experience what you see if not always what you get

I teamed up with my good friend andpartner in crime Chalyce Hadley  to bring you this “public blogger service announcement”….. LOL! what does that mean? I means, it’s something that you should be aware of.

Back in the first week of December (2014) Chaylce called and told me she had just ordered some super inexpensive clothes online and had I ever heard of the site I hadn’t but I had my doubts since it was overseas and this girl never really orders clothes online… ever!  Fast forward that same week and I come across this while scrolling Facebook – OY!

This Is What Happens When You Order Ridiculously Cheap Clothing From Singapore


nasty dress bad online buying experience

Yup the article is about a different site BUT if you keep reading all the way to the bottom of the article it mentions two other sites that people have had similar experiences with. One of those is ROSE Wholesale! I gasped and immediately forwarded it to my Friend Chaylce. We decided to see how the order came and if her experience would be the same or different. So we waited for it to ship….. and waited and waited and waited….. the order took over 6 weeks to come and when it arrived she quickly opened the package.

Should I give you the punch line now? Sadly……Chalyce had a similar buying experience to the one linked to above. DARN!!! But she had some great humor in the whole thing and I GOT a new top out of her bad buying experience. I told her we had to share it so others could choose for themselves if they wanted to purchase items from there. Look at these pictures!

Here is shirt #1 she ordered…..

don't buy from rose wholesale

And here is the shirt that arrived. Not only was it a totally different color than the site said and showed (which I can understand can be hard to tell) but the length – uh hello!!!! It’s totally WAY shorter than the picture – and fullness of the top was totally off! Plus the size of the pocket was way smaller  and the inside hem wasn’t finished off. The sleeve was pieced together 3 pieces. STRANGE! She absolutely hated this top! Off to the donation pile it went!

bad experience buying from rose wholesale

On to shirt #2….

cheap clothes and bad online buying experience

And how it fit Chalyce’s tiny frame….She swears that this was supposed to be more of a sweater type material but when I checked the link it does say “tshirt” – so hey, user error happens 🙂 What she totally missed in the description and photos was the RIVETS….or the SPIKES on the sleeves. She couldn’t stand them and both her and her hubby laughed when they saw the top! Plus the sizing was way off……too baggy under the arms, it hung way different on her, there were unclipped thread hanging out the bottom, etc. ….

cheap clothes and bad online buying experience 2

Shirt #3….. Notice how super tiny in weight and frame the model is….

bad online buying experience - cheap clothes

Doesn’t quite look the same on the super tiny frame of Chalyce does it? When I checked the link to the top I did see that it said PLUS SIZE top. So again, a little user error BUT the photo is totally deceiving….That is not a plus size model selling the top. Honest mistake. She literally is drowning in this top!

cheap clothes from rose wholesale

Both her and her teenage daughter said, “Hey, this looks like a Megan shirt.” So she passed it along to me and I tried it on! Not too bad! It now hangs in my closet and we laugh and how it hits at my waist line and how it covers her bum! Now before you think this post will be all too negative she did have 1 top that worked out!!!

buying cheap clothing isn't always good

And lastly shirt #4. This time we have a winner!

bad online buying experience

Looks good on her right? The fit on the model and the fit on Chalyce are TOTALLY different. Even in the photo the weight and thickness of the material looks heavier. The shirt that arrived is made of very, very thin material….but hey – at least she got one shirt out of the whole order!

careful buying from rose wholesale

So what’s the take away?? Just be careful buying online. It’s always smart to check for reviews and sometimes just because the price is really inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

Have you had a similar buying experience?

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