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indoor climbing adventure - family fun
Hey! hey! The #BrassyTeam was able to experience a new indoor climbing place here in Utah so I thought I would share our experience “If you give a blogger” style…. enjoy it! ps – check out the crazy videos of me squealing! LOL!
(We were able to have our visit compensated for this post and some social media shout outs BUT the opinions are 100% ours!) 

IF YOU GIVE a blogger a chance to work AND involve her family

she will most likely jump at the chance.

When she tells her kids they are going to Funtopia,
they will want to watch the cool video over and over.

When they arrive they will recognize all the fun climbing wall attractions

and want to dive right in!
So they do!
funtopia indoor climbing 2 -
family activity in Utah - funtopia indoor climbing
The auto belay system allows the kids to descend on their own
and the staff is there to help clip them in and out soooooo
the blogger and her hubby head off to
climb a wall or two, TOO!
funtopia indoor climbing -
Hubby says, “Race you to the top!” and then slips
When he slips he says never mind to the race
But the blogger says it’s still on!
funtopia indoor climbing for families
They end up tying (according to the blogger).
Descending the wall is so fun they want to jump into other attractions they haven’t done yet.
The word JUMP will remind the blogger of the 2 JUMPING attractions there.
She will be feel brave, like it’s no problem, and go for it.
be adventurous and play with your kids -
Helmet on and climbing to the top will make the blogger realize
that the “grab bag” sure looks further away than it is.
She takes a minute to envision her best “flying squirrel” move
so she doesn’t die (although she is clipped in and will belay down).
After a minute (seriously almost two) she finally jumps for it!

A video posted by Megan (@brassyapple) on

Not dying will give the blogger the confidence to conquer more!
Besides the whole family is having the BEST time!
Her Daughter is being spider girl.
Her son is scaling a castle.
and her littlest is leaping skyscrapers in a single bound!
funtopia indoor climbing for families -
family activities - funtopia
So she braves the SLIDE.
She figures after jumping for her life, being pulled up a slide should be a piece of cake!
She straps on the red jumpsuit and accessorizes with an orange helmet.
And of course captures the moment so share it!
red jumpsuit
She starts at the bottom of the slide and gets pulled all the way to the top.
The closer the blogger gets to the top the more her body is NOT laying again the slide,
and the blogger gets a little nervous!
She squeals and laughs and tries to hold it together! ha!
When she reaches the top the only way to get down is to LET GO!


The blogger realizes this might be just as scary as the “flying squirrel” jump
but doesn’t hesitate as long this time because she is holding her own body weight
and the blogger doesn’t go to the gym so she’s not that strong in her arms. Ha!
(click play)

A video posted by Megan (@brassyapple) on

Whew!!! Surviving more than one “frightening” but SUPER COOL event in one morning

Makes the blogger feel happy, crazy, and grateful!

The whole family is having a blast!

She remembers that the best way to show her kids


being an involved parent,

that adults can have fun too,

that adults get nervous and scared too,

that it’s good to step out of your comfort zone,

that family is number one in her book,

and a million other life lessons is to SHOW them, not just say it!

All those life lessons wrapped up in a fun family outing to PLUS a day full of memories can’t be beat!

funtopia indoor climbing

indoor climbing fun at funtopia -

Family fun will remind the blogger

That if you give her an opportunity

she just might want her family to go to it too!

indoor climbing training - funtopia momentum climbing gym

PS – is connected to Momentum climbing Gym in Lehi. We were able to tour those facitilies as well.

Free climbing, angled walls, gym for climbing work outs, kids camps, and more. You can even host a birthday party there!

#BrassyTeam goes to Funtopiautah -

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