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RV tips and ideas

 The Brassy Team (aka my family!) recently returned from a 10 day trip across the country in an RV!!! Now this post isn’t going to be us spouting all about OUR great time, we have a GIVEAWAY for YOU! Thanks to Access RV for the amazing rental RV which turned into one of our most favorite family vacations to date, we get to pass along an RV trip giveaway! Keep reading!

Our family was FIRST timers for this RV trip. Never RV’d before and we were all excited! From Indiana to Utah in 10 days plus Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and more in between! We learned a few things along the way:

  • DON’T STRESS OUT – DO take it easy. The last thing the gentlemen said to us as we drove off the lot with our RV in Indiana was, “Remember to relax. You’re in an RV. Just stop by the side of the road and have an ice tea.” Honestly at that moment I wanted to completely embrace that but everything was so new and exciting and we just wanted to get on the road and test this baby out that I couldn’t! It didn’t take long though. RV’ing just puts you at ease. When everything is right at your fingertips and you have the open road before you, it easy to settle in for the ride!

rv trip ideas and tricks

  • DON’T Plan, plan plan! DO leave room, be spontaneous. Go with the flow! Down time is GOOD! We knew how many days we had for our trip and we knew the route home but HONESTLY we didn’t plan where to be on what day or how long, etc. And maybe that was a “secret” key to how much fun we had!

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  • DON’T Over pack. DO keep it simple. It’s amazing how “simply” you can go on trip luggage wise. We unplugged from technology and plugged into family. We each only had 1 small/medium bag. and YES I am sure you are wondering – I only took 2 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces! I stuck with gold and silver because they go with everything! I also planned outfits to mix and match over the days! Simplicity was our friend.

RV tips and giveaway

(It was amazing to see much different countryside!)

  • DON’T under research. DO be informed. This may be contradictory to what I’ve been saying but as NEWBIE RVers we had some GREAT tips given to us. Let us share those:

1) Download the RV Parky app! It gives you all the RV sites anywhere plus reviews, ammenities, etc. Including Walmart! Because you know, you can overnight park in Walmart Parking lot if you need/want to. But it’s so nice to know for buying groceries and other essentials along the way!

rv trip 16

2) Operating hours and Drive Time – we ran into a few “issues” when we underestimated drive time and the hours that the sites were actually OPEN that we wanted to visit. If you are on a tight timeline be sure to make sure these match up!

3) Any hidden treasures in the area or along the way? It’s great to know your destination but what’s that saying?? it’s all about the journey? A quick google search and you might discover something along the way that you had no idea or maybe have always wanted to see but never taken the time.


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4) Weather – It’s always good to check the weather map so you can do your best to be prepared for the type of weather that you are forecasted to have. There are always surprises!

  • DO take someone along – Family time is great and needed! BUT if you can invite grandma and grandpa along – DO IT! Or how about your families most super awesome best friends??? That is what we did!!! All my readers know Chalyce from our Refashion  your Life Series and any other project we’ve done together you might know us as Smalls and Talls. I am a huge advoctate of inviting someone to come along in almost EVERYTHING I do! Our kids LOVED having our good friends with us. It led to sleep overs, kid switching, all the girls in 1 RV and all the boys in 1 RV. Hanging at the zoo, exploring historical sites, etc was so much MORE fun for them doing it with a pack of kids!

rv trip 18

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  • DON’T put it off. DO plan it RIGHT NOW – We had never RV’d before and honestly, we didn’t know what we were MISSING!!! If you only ever take 1 RV trip in your life (which you will most likely get hooked after 1 trip!) do it! Don’t miss out on all the highs and lows and the memories that taking a family vacation in comfort, style and EASE that an RV gives you!

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USA 5 Star RV Rental Network is giving away a free 5 night RV Vacation!! (A $2150 Value!)

If you are ready for a fabulous RV vacation, Access RV is providing a 5 night RV vacation in one of their current year model motor homes to friends of the USA 5 Star RV Rental Network. Access RV is located in both Salt Lake City, Utah and Jackson, Wyoming. You can take the family to the scenic wonders of Yellowstone and the Tetons. See elk, moose, bison, bear and other wildlife that wonders freely through the park midst the natural geysers, paint pots and steam springs. See the jagged Rocky peaks of the Tetons towering over the beautiful Jackson Lake below.  Or visit the uniquely beautiful rock formations of South Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks of Zions, Arches, Bryce, Canyonland and Capital Reef. Traveling in an RV is the best, most affordable way to experience the National Parks up close.

Winner will get 5 Nights with 800 miles in a 2015 31′ C-Class motor home with double slides. This 4.5 star motor home comes with HD TV/DVD player, 5.1 surround sound, GPS navigation, iPod dock, back up camera, Serta pillow-top mattress, power awning, air conditioning, unlimited generator, final cleaning and dumping and much more!

The lucky winner will have until June 1, 2016 to take their incredible vacation!

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Fine print details: The vacation give away does not include insurance which can be provided by your auto insurance company or by purchasing optional protection through Access RV. Drivers must be at least 25 years old with a valid drivers license, proof of insurance and VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Additional miles over the 800 free miles can be purchased at $1.55 per mile. A refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation. Sales tax of $156.47 is the responsibility of the winner. For additional information, floor plans, etc. visit our members website at

Good LUCK!!! We had the best time ACCESS RV!!  

If you follow us on Instagram you will get a more sneak peeks from our trip and what we are up to daily! Check out some of our friends who also recently went on the same RV cross country trip! We even ran into one family along the way!

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  1. Read the article about your trip and was swept away with excitement over the prospect of our family being able to travel this way! We have a son in a wheelchair and have never taken a real family vacation because it is so challenging with him. I have always wanted to try an RV get away because we could have his wheelchair and other special needs items already with us and would not be restricted with places to stay! He would already be set up in the RV and we could care for him without relying on what each different hotel may or may not have. We also wouldn’t have to worry about the airline loosing luggage with important breathing machines or other medical necessities as they would just go with us in the RV! Sounds like a heavenly and most convenient way to travel and allow all our children the opportunity to see some of our beautiful country!

  2. T. Manahan says

    What an amazing trip and fantastic set of memories for your cute family!

  3. I have to say you have inspired me to not worry. We have a trip coming up in August, traveling from California to Yellowstone Nation park. We will be first time RV-ers. We are stopping in Idaho to pick up my Uncle and Aunt. The kids are excited ages from 11 – 19, yes I’m making the adult child go with us. It’s an experience that will last a life time. Thank you for the great tips and the wonderful pictures of your adventures.


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