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You know the BrassyTeam loves to incorporate “DO GOOD” into our daily actions. We are always looking for ways to get outside of ourselves, to do good, to give service, to leave a positive impact and more…..sometimes it just takes a little nudge, a little idea to get something started.

Its time machine app - do good

What if your everyday “good” simple acts of kindness and service could double the benefits YOU receive and also help MORE people out? WHAT?? serious!!!!

How about this for a MOTTO

Spend Time. Make Change. 

And it’s not just you alone. How about a WHOLE lotta people doing good and hey getting some good KARMA back in return!??!!

Time Machine says ITS TIME. An app that helps you discover what your favorite brands, causes, and people are up to. Plus learn how you can get involved in SIMPLE acts and by sharing them on social media YOU help raise awareness AND the Time Machine App REWARDS YOU!

its time machine app

Wait let’s go over that SUPER EASY and cool list again:

1) An App with access to MULTIPLE campaigns and causes to support

2) 100+ ideas to spend your time in a meaningful way or let these ideas be a jumping off point to inspire you to get involved but not sure where to start…

3) The time you spend, snap and SHARED is meaningful and collabortive (yes get others involved) and you have a chance to win prizes and get rewards!


4) It’s an excellant way to teach kids to use social media for good

5) With all the different causes to support, your selfies can become #unselfie

And if you really want to start to “FEEL” what this App and movement is all about AND get chills AND love listening to a guy with an accent (seriously SWOON right?) ??? Then by all means push play and use your “TIME” – only 1 minute and 34 seconds – to start you on your way to something bigger…

It’s time right? Download Time Machine on iOS for free to get start to make those minutes count even more!

its time machine app



  1. I love this idea so, so, so much! Thank You!

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