Adult Coloring Book Craze

Are you in on the craze?? Have you heard or seen of Adult Coloring Books? Well coloring is NOT just for kids anymore! It is sweeping the globe. These aren’t simple toddler pictures with easy lines and spaces to color or characters, super heroes or holiday themed pages in book. These are Landscapes, cityscapes, intricate designs, floral patterns and more.

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It’s being called a phenomenon! There are coloring parties and people finding benefits for coloring books as adults that they didn’t expect! Here is a great piece that Katie Couric did on it!

What a great relief for STRESS right? No calories, no guilt, it’s there are the ready, it’s tranportable, it won’t break out in a sweat doing it, LOL and ANYONE can do it! No matter what the age

And the video piece was right about the price too. These two coloring books for adults that I have are at that same price point (You can pick them here Indie Bound, Amazon, SkyHorse Publishing, B&N).

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At first my kids thought it was funny that Mom had coloring books that were JUST hers (because at first I didn’t want to share them! ha ha ha) They loved flipping through the designs. These coloring books are always created with perforated edges so a page can be torn out and share. Yes I did share my coloring books.

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What was fun is seeing my kids slow down to color the little spaces.

To think a bit more about how they wanted their design to look.

It wasn’t a quick slap of color scribbled on the page.

They liked seeing how they each colored similar but different designs.

They are pages and designs that we don’t ever finish in one setting. It is nice to have an activity to come back to and build on.

There are times that my little guy wants to color and now I have a choice. I can color with him when we wants me too in the same coloring book (those super heroes, etc) or I can color with him BUT NEXT to him in my coloring book.

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Check out the over 37,000 images that have been shared on social media – specifically Instagram. Here is a fun screen shot. Search the hashtag #adultcoloringbook to see the many, many options and have FUN with it!!!

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