Brassy is scoping, are you?

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What? another social media platform to join??? YES!!!! Ok – I waited and waited to join up on Periscope but just a few days ago I did and I must say…. I am diggin it! Are you on Periscope???

Well Brassy Apple is now! and I just jumped in and did 2 scopes over the past couple of days without really knowing what I was doing. It’s easy and fun!!!

periscope with BrassyApple

I love interacting LIVE with YOU – whether it is just a simple HELLO or answering a question. What is GREAT is it doesn’t matter WHERE in the world you are. And if you can’t join me LIVE then the scope stays up for 24 hours….

It’s live interactions.

It’s real life.

It’s not scripted.

It’s authentic.

It’s me! and the Brassy Team.

Our first scope was celebrating the news of our moving truck arriving and our adventure heading EAST was finally really happening.

periscope our move to north carolina - follow brassyapple

I just did another scope while on the road one morning from the hotel! Just shared a quick hair tutorial for on the go or road trip travel! And also great for second day hair too! Did you catch that scope??

Here’s the hairdo I shared….

periscope - short hairstyles

And here’s a screen shot from the live scope.

periscope with brassyapple hairstyles

Another fun aspect to “scoping” is giving hearts…like showing the love. On Instagram you can double tap to show you like the photo but on Periscope you can – “tap, tap, tap, tap” for hearts….the more you tap the more hearts that float up the side of the scope. You can also take screen shots. So when I flash signs with information on it or I am doing a live tutorial and you want to screen shot a certain step or something you can!

periscope with BrassyApple hearts

SO – if you are a scoper -let’s connect up! Find me on Periscope – @brassyapple – and maybe if we get enough interest and have a good connection I can share us pulling up the house for the first time!!!! or at least showing you around a bit as a move it and start to DIY it! See you on Instagram¬†and on Periscope….

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