Maybe that is why people decorate EARLY for Christmas

Why people decorate early for christmas - Brassyapple

Christmas decor…. everyone has a difference of opinion of WHEN it should go up. I tend to not be bothered by that. I am on the other end of the spectrum. I get bothered when it stays up “forever!”. I am a take it down and put it away type of girl. And yes I do sometimes even start Christmas night!!! (I could do a whole other blog post on my reasons for this but let’s focus on the timing of putting it up).


christmas tree

So when? When is TOO early to put it up? With the advance of social media we have more access into people’s lives. We see more “real time” information. It’s easy to snap and share a picture of “What I’m doing now” or “Look! We are putting out tree up!!” And with this access and sharing I have seen a lot more people putting Christmas up early this year. More “early” decorators than last year… and these weren’t just bloggers who were putting it up early for product shoots or brand campaigns they were working on.

With all the photos circulating of Christmas trees being put up and decor and lights being strung around the house came LOTS of social opinions. And why is it that the negative ones stick out the most or get the most voice to them?

Things like,

“Can’t we celebrate Thanksgiving first without it being crowded out by Christmas?”

“No Christmas decor/music until after Thanksgiving!!!”


“It’s not past Thanksgiving yet…”

And I could go on but I think we all get the idea.

Here’s my thought on it. What is the WHY of it?

WHY did so many put it up early this year….

WHY do we get so excited for that time of year…

WHY did people put it up earlier this year that didn’t put it up early last year…

WHY do we love the Christmas season so much…

WHY is it so different than the other seasons…

They WHYs go on and on.


decorating early for christmas

I believe the answer to the WHY is simple. It’s LOVE. In light of many tragic events around the globe at this time of year. The unrest, the lack of peace, the struggle, the fear, the need, the desperation, the pain, the sorrow…we are all looking for what the warmth, the love, the glow, the togetherness, the happy, the joy, the peace that the Christmas season brings.

And by putting up the lights, and decorating the tree we are bringing that into our environment “early” this year because we need it.

We need to feel peace again.

We need to feel safe and secure (like wrapped up on the couch with our family in the glow of the fire and warmth of hot chocolate)

We are reminded of the importance of family.

Gratitude fills our hearts and minds.

We GIVE to those in need.

We look to take away burdens, strains, worry and sorrow from those in need.

The best and easiest place to start feeling this good feelings again at this time of year is in our very own homes. So instead of waiting until the turkey is served and the shoppers have gotten up early for the sales to give ourselves the joy of the season, we can simply give this gift to ourselves right now.

The gift of the tree and the lights are symbolic to what we are really searching for. Maybe we know what they symbolize to us. And maybe we know the feeilngs but don’t fully understand. The season that we spend focusing on CHRIST – the reason for Christmas – brings us more joy, more peace, more laughter, more smiles, more togetherness, more memories, more events, etc. It’s the reason we look forward to this time of year. Because we DO focus on it. It just different other times of the year. Christmas is special and we look forward to it. So at a time of unrest and lack of peace in the world and in families all over the world a little “kick start” to bringing the peace of Christ into our lives isn’t a bad thing….


nativity - reason for Christmas

Don’t we give more at Christmas time?

Don’t we love more at Christmas time?

Don’t we spend time together more at Christmas time?

Don’t we reach out more at Christmas time?

Don’t we appreciate more at Christmas time?

Then why are we suprised that we would want to start that a little bit earlier this year….extend the season. Start to bring not only the Christmas lights in your home but the LIGHT of the season – Christ. His was a mission of LOVE.


o come let us adore him

So maybe instead of “nay saying” the Christmas decor, let it remind you of your own good memories. The peace that the season offers. The reason we celebrate CHRISTmas…and silently give love and thanks for the person who is sharing their “light” with anyone who can see it. Whether that is a picture shared on  social media or driving around town (I’ve seen a few Christmas trees lighting the front windows of homes in my neighborhood).

Like the song says, “Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with me.”

Or how about I heard the bells on Christmas day? Verses 3 and 4:

And in despair I bowed my head:

“There is no peace on earth,” I said,

“For hate is strong and mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

“God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,

With peace on earth, good will to men.”


  1. I think that if you wait until after Thanksgiving to put up your tree, Christmas is more special. If it is up fur too long, Christmas loses it’s ring.

  2. Lovely photos! Can’t wait for Christmas already. I can feel it already.

  3. I absolutely won’t decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving has been celebrated, but I don’t take down the Christmas décor until Valentine’s Day – almost.

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