DIY Dining Room makeover #pyrahplantation

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Oh the power of paint! In the terms of speaking DIY, paint is a quick fix or “magic maker” for the change it produces in correlation with the cost. AND the ease of changing it. You aren’t removing a wall or something large. Just paint… and if you don’t like it it’s “easy” and inexpensive to change it!

Luckily Mr. Apple and I can see the bones of a project – a house, furniture, etc and see it’s potential with a little elbow grease. The dining room at our “Pyrah Plantation” has GREAT bones! And really the paint was horrible. It just wasn’t what I had in mind for that space and what vibed with our family currently. And we both could see that a little paint could transform the space!

(ps – this is #3 in the #PyrahPlantation series. If you missed post #1 and #2 be sure to click over!)

The dining room has beautiful wood floors.

Great light from the 2 large bright windows.

Gorgeous molding and character in the doors and door knobs.

The deep red on the walls was just too dark and heavy for us.

It was also accented by shiny, SHINY gold outlet covers and switchplates. Classic.

Here is what it looked like when we bought it. I always love a GOOD before!

dining room before 2

dining room before

Like I said great space right??? Since I didn’t see the house until we had traveled across the country and actually had bought it I thought the chandelier looked pretty cool. Eh….turned out it was alittle on the funky side when I saw it up close and personal. BUT again, EASY to change that out. NOT a deal breaker.


By merely painting OVER the red – the vibe, energy and feel of the space change dramatically!

And we couldn’t be more in love!

dining room makeover 1

dining room makeover AFTER - #pyrahplantation

What do you think?

It’s a much calmer, fresh, and light and airy space. It is currently – I think  – everyone’s favorite room.

The wall was painted with Knitting Needle Gray on the top half and Snowbound White on the bottom half. Both paints are by Sherwin Williams.

dining room makeover 2

Oooo! and can we talk about our new chandelier?!!!

ParrotUncle reached out at the perfect time because we have SEVERAL fixtures needing updated and changed out in our new space. (psst…..anyone else have OUTDOOR patio lights in your master bathroom?? oh my gosh! I can’t wait to get to THAT project! LOL!) I knew I wanted the overall dining space to have a cohesive feel yet a mix of textures and pieces…not to matchy matchy but just enough of it. When I found this chandelier with a mix of the rope and the metal…I was a bit smitten.

dining room makeover rope chandelier

It had edison bulbs in it on the site which added to the appeal but we weren’t sure those would be bright enough in the space AND we didn’t want that amber glow but more of the crisp white lighting look. It is fun that the chandelier could have a different look just by changing the bulbs too! Love finding an option for inexpensive pendant lighting as we continue to update our home!

rustic chandelier DIY dining room makeover

Next up I knew I wanted a gallery wall in the dining room. I love a good gallery wall collection and have had variations of them in our dining room the last 5 years. This would be a big part of showcasing some favorite pieces, colors, and a mix of textures but flowing and all work together. These are all pieces we already had except the large clock.

gallery wall in dining room

As I was laying the gallery wall out  the mirror was going to the center or the anchor of the group and I needed to strong pieces on either side. PLUS we needed a way to tell time and stay on time in that room. So the clock was the only thing we purchased in this grouping that we didn’t already have. The style compliments perfectly and it balances it all out just the way in needed to PLUS serving a vital and helpful function for us.

gallery wall in dining room -

We love that the space is large enough that we always have the leaf IN our dining room table. And our table isn’t new. We’ve had it for years and years. New chairs are definitely on the “list” somewhere down the line….but these are working for now.

So let’s recap. New paint colors, new chandelier and decorated with existing furniture and decor. The other finishing touch was the drapes. I LOVE having these bright windows in this room and they look at our large side yard and into the neighbors large yard as well. So lots of green landscape to be seen. We also have a little cardinal friend that visits the window sills that is outside the dining room that we enjoy watching. So I didn’t want them covered up. Not even with blinds. But hangin drapes adds another texture, another dimension or layer and another chance for pattern and color if we wanted. Drapes just soften and room and take it up a notch. Drapes were a must.

DIY dining room makeover - #pyrahplantation

We hope this has inspired you to see past the wallpaper and paint colors of a space and see it for what you CAN DO with it! Pin it for future reference if you like!

The only thing I would still like to add to this room is a large rug under the dining table. I think that would really finish off the space!

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