An extra day – LEAP YEAR

today is a special day - leap day activities


We have a LEAP day this year! 1 extra day to live life!

I am NOT Holiday Mom.

I am NOT Pinterest Mom.

I am not even sure what “label” my parenting has. But if you have been a “Brassy” reader for any length of time you know I like to be intentional about my time, I love being a mom, I love creativity and freedom of play, thought, and creating. I look for the simply joy in the everyday and simple ways to make our time as a family together meaningful.

That doesn’t mean BIG eleborate vacations, or toys or decked out parties (Because who ever remembers what they got on Christmas anyway? #overkill #notnecessary).

In an effort to make, find or create something special in a day – LEAP DAY – presents an opportunity for something out of the ordinary – something special that doesn’t come around all that often.

Do we try to do something special everyday? HECK NO!!!! There is plenty of days that string together and before we know it our week has gone by and it’s been full of homework, running around to activities, chores/job, laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah… The tricky part is finding a moment – literally a moment – to break from the everyday rig a ma roo.

SO – if you are needing that “BREAK” from the mundane, seize the opportunity that LEAP DAY is presenting us! And it can totally be simple, spur of the moment, not cost a dime, etc! Here are few ideas!

Start the day by cooking breakfast! Make something different – maybe color the pancakes or the juice! Just something out of the ordinary! (We did ART pancakes and shared them years ago! super simple!) Better yet, invovle the whole family in cooking breakfast. Be IN the moment and not distracted.

Feeling crafty?

We love folding paper! It’s an activity that doesn’t take prep work. You can do it anywhere. You do it together and being together in that type of creating setting opens everyone up for conversation.

In the spirit of LEAP day, why not FROGS! You can create them and then race them if you want! Here are 2 tutorials

Origami frogs from Easy, Peasy and Fun


Jumping frogs from It’s always Autumn


My favorite idea for Leap day???

How about a TIME capsule! We do a version of these time capsules on New Years Eve/Day to catalog our past year but I am really LOVING the idea of doing it for a LEAP YEAR!

Chatbooks has an awesome printable – label and a couple of sheets to fill in.


And the Sisters Suitcase blog has a cute one with a different spin on it!

leap year time capsule printable

Are you planning on doing something already on Leap Day? What are your ideas that you can share?


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