How do your clothes make you feel? just remember you are WORTH IT!!

I am worth it - self esteeem

(knitted items from Little Works of Grace etsy Shop, Tee from Brassy Apple Shop and photography by Aubrey Grace Photo)

Sometimes I get flooded with an idea or a thought and it just HAS to be given a voice, let out….shared. So I am letting it be typed out….flowing from fingertips. Not really all my words but words that are being given to me.




These have been ringing in my ears for a few months after talking with a friend (you know who you are) and I immediately felt it resonate with me. A message that was not only important to her but significant to me. And significant to every woman. And not just females but every human being.

Given that I have been in the graphic tee business for almost the last year and hence a focus on fashion my focus, for this post will be towards women.

We are daughters of God. Did you know that? We are already daughters of a KING! WE are already royalty!

You know who else knows that? The adversary. The darkness, the negativity in life. One of the biggest tools they use against us as women is to go for our self esteeem, our self worth. If that can be brought down, if that can be doubted, if that be lessened, weakened, shredded, broken….other things will follow suit down a path of unhappiness and dimming light.

This is a concept we saw the little girls struggle with (among other things) that would come to our home through the foster care system. So not only do we see it around us, see it or feel it within us, we also have tried to help someone else realize their WORTH first hand on more than 1 occasion.

I know style and fashion can be frivilous terms we throw around. The media can certainly put to much emphasis on them as well making us as women feel we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, wear a certain brand, look younger, look older, change this or that. But like it or not, we all get up and either choose to get dressed or not get dressed. We all have clothes on our body that influence how we feel about ourselves.

Example – Do they make you feel comfy?

Do they make you lazy?

Do they make you feel tired?

Do they make you want to get to work?

Do they make you feel pretty?

Do they make you feel empowered?

Have you ever thought about how your CLOTHES may be making you feel? 

worth it tee -

I have always put an everyday spin on fashion. Style that is functional and doable for my busy “momboss” lifestyle (and my refashion loving heart!) It doesn’t define me but I have seen the “effects” of it over and over and over again. I am certainly treated differently, look at differently, approached differently, etc when I am wearing different types of clothes.

Almost a year ago in an effort to PUT MORE GOOD out there I went into business with my hubby and kiddos and we decided to WEAR GOOD! Promoting feel good messages on a everyday wearable tee that anyone can pull off and wear!

We have LOVED seeing the effects it has – large or small – when YOU our customers buy them, wear them and go out and FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD!

Our latest tee – I’m worth it – falls right in line with everything the Brassy Team loves and believes. No matter what age – we all should be we ARE WORTH IT!

worth what? what does that mean to you?

Maybe to you it means YOU are worth that job you are purusing.

Maybe to you it means YOU are worth more than what you are getting.

Maybe to you it means YOUR dream is idea is worth pursuing.

Maybe you need someone to remind you 1 more time that YOU are worthy of being loved.

Maybe it doesn’t mean ANY of these things to you but something totally different!

And maybe when you wear this it will mean the WORLD to someone who sees it….

That’s what we love about style and fashion with a GOOD message. It can change you in the slightest way and it can also change someone else without you ever knowing it.

SO please, remember you are WORTH IT!!!! you are worth everything and so much more. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that and go out and do something to lift someone else – even in the slightest tiniest way.

If you DO GOOD, it always comes back to you bigger and better!!!!

I am worth it tee - wear good fashion -

(knitted items from Little Works of Grace etsy Shop, Tee from Brassy Apple Shop and photography by Aubrey Grace Photo)

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