Kids Neighborhood .25 cent fair!

This activity is one that is always a HIT!!! It’s great for Summer fun, reunions, church groups too but also can be used anytime of the year – indoor or out!

Kids summer activity - 25 cent fair

Main Details:

  • Set a day, time and location – we have found that the morning hours are great before its too HOT if you do it in the Summer time. We have also found that setting the event to run for an hour is plenty of time for kids to sell and buy. Pick a spot that has access to shade. Summer mornings can get hot quickly. If you pick a covered area, then in the event of a change in weather, the event can still go on!

(We have a large covered area attached to our garage that was perfect to host this event. But parks work well too!)

kids 25 cent fair

  •  Anyone can set up a “booth” or table to sell anything they like – We called it a kids fair because it was for the kids. BUT we welcomed teenagers to toddlers! The first it was hosted under a pavillion at a park that was lined with picnic tables and everyone set up using those. This year it was hosted in our backyard so I had everyone bring a table suitable for their needs – large/small/tall/short! Anything from a card table to a camping table to a kids table!

kids summer fun with a fair -

  • ALL items are sold for .25 each – no ifs, ands or buts! Everything costs a quarter! It’s fun to see the kids gain quarters and then stroll across to other tables and exchange that quarter for something they have been eyeing! It’s a win win all around!

kids 25 cent fair - reunion fun -

  • Items to sell –  can store bought, handmade, baked or second hand (great time to clean out toys, games, etc). What’s really fun to see is what everyone shows up to sell the day of the kids fair! From toys, trinkets, artwork, jewelry, treats, desserts, candy, lemonade, popsicles, games to play for prizes and even SERVICES for a quarter too!

My boys created 2 games. One did a punch for a prize board (we got the idea here) and the other did a fishing pond.

25 cent fair for kids -

25 cent fair for kids -

25 cent fair for kids -

My teenage daughter got in the fun as well offering FACE Painting for a quarter! She had a great time painting the faces of several kids whom she babysits, goes to church with, etc.

25 cent fair for kids -

25 cent fair for kids -

 Other ideas or services are fingernail painting, selling over flow from the garden, extra school supplies (like fun pens/pencils/erasers), small batches of playdough, temporary tattoos, stickers, books you no longer read and toys you have too many of or outgrown! Plus many, many more!

  • Making it work – It works out really great when you have at least 10 families or more coming. And remember to invite and encourage others to come as well who maybe don’t want to set up a table/booth at all but just want to enjoy time with other moms, spend some quarters and watch kids faces light up, snag some goodies, be social, etc. We have a small handful just come to shop and it was wonderful!

25 cent fair for kids -

Don’t worry about supplying enough items for everyone either. If your items SELL OUT you will have more time to try out the games and buy some goodies or treasures. It’s really such a fun exchange of quarters!

Send out reminders for the day/time/and what to bring (ex. your own table, some quarters, etc)

I also provided some brown paper sacks and a marker for those who needed something handy to stash their goods in after they bought them.

25 cent fair for kids -

We had a great time and so did everyone who attended! We will certainly do it again and probably make it a Summer tradition for the neighborhood! And Remember to get in on the fun yourself!!!

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  1. What a cute idea! Great for all ages. Not only fun, but educational in learning about buying, selling and counting money. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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