Modest Clothes and dreaming big

When we lived in North Carolina my daughter and I found it difficult to find local options for modest clothes. Not only modest but modern, stylish, trendy ones too!

Shorts were way to short.

Skirts were just as bad.

Everywhere the tops were sleeveless and who wants to layer with all the humidity? NOBODY!

Dresses were a double whammy – sleeveless AND too short!


In this dilemma of no to limited local options, were their online options? YES of course! So how do you find these options? Google search….. ask your facebook friends….? These were the 2 options that came to my mind so I did! Google led me to what Google wanted me to find – the shops who pay the most in online advertising so their shops come up first, what Google and SEO think MODEST clothes are and a mix of other searches I have done that brought up some random shops.

Option 2 – asking facebook friends. In this day and age of social media – ask, vent, share and there are people to respond, right??! This can be a bit more successful and actually produce some leads but again, depending on how many people facebooks algorithm allows your actual friends to SEE your post, how many actually take the time to share and type in a response, etc…. can not always lead to what you want.

All of this led to a string of – “eh”….. or disappointing shops. Different styles than mine, shops that didn’t carry MODEST clothes but claimed to (???), price points, not user friendly, weird sizes, and on and on…


ONE of the reasons  we started our TEE business together as a family was to create tops that we were excited to about wearing! We had started to branch out into other clothes and were headed more in that direction when opportunity came knocking at our door. And we always answer when opportunity knocks!

What if the work you put into something was starting to build someone elses dream? and when your purpose had been fullfilled in that it was perfectly passed along to the person it was meant for? And time and life paths and experience and knowledge all came together with a big sign sayig ” hey!!!! we’ve been preparing you for this! Now it’s your decision to take it or pass….”

Well (in a nut shell) that is exactly what happened for ME…. for US –  as a family! A few years ago when I knew it was time to pull back from blogging and free up my time, energy and head space for other things…. those things came in. And I had no idea how much I needed them and what they would mean. You’ve got to follow your gut, your heart your intuition. Even if and WHEN it looks crazy and YOU yourself don’t even know why…. and maybe you even make up an answer because, well  – that sounds good and it satisfies it for now!

SO – merging what we were doing together as a family with what was already doing was a PERFECT fit for us! and we are now the proud owners of the online womens clothing boutique – noVae. The boutique is almost 6 years old and is that perfect modest clothing shop that I would proudly refer MY friends to on social media if they were looking for modest clothes.


(A weekend full of training with the previous owner! And like any “Mom Boss” I’ve got a kid on my lap while I am working)

We are in a HUGE transition of taking over the site, learning all the back end stuff, Shopping, shopping and oh did I mention shopping?? We are on the HUNT for modern and modest clothes for YOU and your tween/teen age girls!

We carry the basics (because we all need those!), the staples, the trendy, the casual and the dressy pieces! We have some changes planned and will be adding lots of new inventory! I am sure you will recognize some faces of our models on the site too!

Yet another adventure in our family life story and we are just getting started on the ride! SO instead of google and asking your FB friends where to shop – let me first suggest noVae because you know who is behind it, how I dress, how I feel about a versatile wardrobe and what I believe. Then maybe you’d consider RECOMMENDing us – noVae to your friends and family!  Give us a like, click around our shop, BUY, share it on social media if you like!


Like we have always said – DO GOOD  – because it always comes back! It’s the little things…. like sharing!

So cheers to dreams!

Cheers to good people!

Cheers to doing good and being kind!

Cheers to YOU for being here through the years…. the story isn’t over yet!



  1. Congratulations! That is exciting! Best of luck! I’ve bought a few things from noVae clothing that have been great. Can’t wait to check it out again. 🙂

  2. I’m happy for you and excited about your new adventure! Sending love and wishing you luck from our spot on the Earth!
    Auntie N

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