25 ways to #LightTheWorld this Holiday Season


The Holiday Season brings an increased amount of MORE with it.

And the more can be good –

More traditions.

More memories.

More events.

More parties.

More good food.

More seeing friends & family.

and on and on….

And hopefully in all of that we get MORE of what the season is really all about. The reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ into the world. The focus on the gift of his birth as the “first gift” given to us…

That in the spirit of the Christmas lights, the glow from the tree, the music, the gathering of friends and that desire to reach out and give and help and serve turns our hearts to what truly matters.

There’s a new hashtag this season going around – #LightTheWorld

It kicks off Dec. 1st with a worldwide day of service!

25 days and 25 ways of serving others in big and small ways to LIGHT the WORLD!

Light the world with love and goodness and remind people of all that is good out there.

Bloggers, IGers, youtubers and more ahead of the trend and sharing the news.

Here’s a few ways to join in and add a little more service to your season!

and if you are feeling savvy, snap, tag (#LightTheWorld) and share it!


The Small Seed – has an amazing printable packet including this tree!


A Year of FHE – get young & old involved in serving!


Melissa Esplin – Printable THANK YOU cards

You know I’m a fan of snail mail, combined with the power of THANKS and gratitude = winner!

The easiest act of service that can mean so much!


Keeping it Simple – easy to put together Charity Packs.


Mormon.org – daily ideas!

Watch my IG feed for how we are incorporating Service into our Holiday season!

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