Meet The Model – Shona

Let us introduce – Shona!

She is our second feature in our Meet the Model series

with our Boutique Store –  noVae Clothing.

We first met Shona when she was Miss Bountiful. Her beauty is not only in appearance but in personality, the way she acts and everything about her. She is truly a kind person! And we love that someone like her would help to represent our clothing lines!


I am Shona Seifert and live in Bountiful Ut. I am working towards my associates degree at SLCC and consider myself a workaholic as I have 3 jobs. I love being busy and being outdoors! My Instagram handle is @shona_margaret

  • Tell me your current life’s motto/or what are you passionate about?

One thing I am very passionate about is service and kindness. We need more helping hands and kind words in the world. You never know what opportunities will come your way through simple acts of kindness. I have received jobs because of the way I interact with people. People notice, so just be kind!


  • What’s your favorite thing about style/fashion?My favorite thing about fashion is how unique it is to everyone. I love seeing people’s personalities through their style!


  • What bugs you most about style/fashion? 

My least favorite thing about style or fashion is probably when people don’t dress for their body type or age.



  • We believe that women need women and need to support each other. What’s a favorite piece of advice you’ve received/or favorite quote? My favorite piece of advice I have ever received was probably that you are never in competition with other people, you should always be in competition with yourself. Refine yourself, work on yourself and be yourself. Wanting to run a race in someone else’s shoes is setting yourself up to fail. This was my motto as I competed for Miss Utah USA this year. I knew that if I focused on the other contestants more than myself, I could potentially lose focus of my end goal which was to be better than I was the year before when I competed. I ended up placing as second runner up in the top five. Which was a huge accomplishment for me! Goals are attainable with the right attitude.


Thank you Shona for being part of noVae so far!

You have wonderful things ahead of your in life!

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