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Pills & serums & needles – OH MY! Part 2 of my gestational carrier journey

It’s been on my mind for weeks now to write up part 2. I’ve done a little updating of the process or more of my progress as the weeks have gone on via social media (mainly Instagram). If you missed our video or part 1 be sure to pop over. Since we let everyone in […]

My story as a Gestational Carrier – part 1

After our announcement about me being a gestational carrier we’ve naturally had a lot of questions. Besides a ton of supportive and very touching comments – so thank you! I am totally open to answering questions the best I can…or sharing what I can. In sharing this personal journey and also being open to answering questions […]

The END & the BEGINNING – going into labor

Oh the emotions…..It’s still difficult to put into words how much this journey has meant to me. How perfectly orchestrated it all was….If you haven’t read the other posts about my experience being a gestational carrier be sure to check out part 1 & part 2. And for fun? How we announced it to everyone! I’ve […]

What if we all wore a sign? What would yours say today?

This came across my social media feed at the right time. Funny how that happens right? It resonated with me deep. Haven’t we all been there? Gotten frustrated at the driver in front of us. Annoyed at someone at the grocery store, dr. office, restaurant, etc? All while knowing nothing of their situation, their day, their […]

Feed the Hungry – Hurricane Relief #LightTheWorld

  If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any amount of time or followed me on social media you know I’m a “do gooder” … LOL! Is that a word even? Being involved in the service of others, changing a life, doing small and simple things it like air to me. I thrive […]