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My name is Megan Pyrah or "Ms. Apple" as the delivery guy sometimes calls me (ha!) - I am the creative mind behind Brassy Apple - the shop and blog. I have passion for sewing, family, Real Mom fashion, DIY'ing, upcycling, refashioning, design and attempting to be fun and cool mom! I like to take things that might look hard and show how simply they can be created.

I love to some REfashion ideas on my web show - Refashion it on the My Craft Channel Network. For the 2013 year, I took Refashion a step further. Why just your wardrobe..?? Why not your life? Revamp, Restyle and REfashion your life with Chalyce and I each week last year to become the better YOU! What's in store for 2014? Finishing and publishing a book and focusing on my one little word - REACH.

 I love to help, teach and inspire others to create spaces, items and clothing/accessories that they love. I live each day to find joy, create memories and be a little better than the day before. Carving out my own path at my own pace and enjoying the ride....

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Monthly Style Contributor

Ashley Stallings is a self prescribed diet coke and chocolate addict, wife and momma to 2!  She blogs over at flats to flip flops about fashion, faith, and philanthropy.  Modest fashion for the everyday woman and sharing her mommy moments is something she is passionate about.  She is also the author of the Ebook, Discovering Your Style in 7 Days or Less and is the co-founder of The Hudson Foundation, a non profit charity that helps give hope to couples struggling with infertility.
Ebook: http://www.flatstoflipflops.com/p/my-ebook.html

 Monthly Style Contributor

Hi, I'm Kilee from ONE little MOMMA. I am a wife, momma, business owner, and style blogger living outside of Kansas City, MO. I live with my hubby of 7 years and our three amazing little boys Easton (3), Kesler (2) and Knox (newborn). My weaknesses are thrift stores, cold cereal and a new shade of nail polish. Aside from my husband working full time, we run a business called ONE little BELT. We make and sell real leather belts, neckties, and bow ties for babies and toddlers. I blog about fashion, beauty products, trends, DIY decorating and our family. I love what I do and I love sharing those things with others!


Monthly Kids/Family FUN Contributor 

Stephanie Paxman lives with her husband and their three kids in the Pacific Northwest where they like to get outside any time the sun in shining.  When it's not, there's often a project going on inside.  Between pretty paper, pretty fabric, washi tape and paint there are plenty of ways to make something useful or fun and get the kids involved too.  Some of these adventures and ideas are documented at Crafting in the Rain, and glue really does still dry here!

Google +: https://plus.google.com/117749420552079799313/posts

Monthly ReFashion Contributor

Hello Friends!  My name is Kara Muehlmann.  I am a wife, and a mother of one little boy.  His name is Camden, and when I first had him he took so many naps that I created a blog called While Camden Sleeps to document all the things I made while he was sleeping.  I'm from Dallas, Texas, but have spent time in some other great states as well and am currently residing in Utah.  I graduated from BYU and taught 4th grade until I had Camden.  My husband and I love to travel, be outdoors, dance, and watch a good movie.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monthly ReFashion Contributor

Hey everyone, my name is Anne Hollabaugh.  I am a Mother of 2, and a wife of 22 years. I have 2 cats a fish and a chocolate lab . I am part of a crazy big family that supports me no matter what. I love any and every kind of art,especially fashion and drawing. I also love creating things, my head is always spinning with new ideas.  I LOVE Recreating Fashion the DIY way. I am  always looking for new things to restyle and  new ways to create no sew t-shirts, making it so easy that it is something you to can do at home. I Started My Blog WobiSobi in December 2010, and life has been extremely busy since then. I am  blessed beyond words.


Instagram http://followgram.me/wobisobi

Monthly Sewing Contributor
"Hi!  I am Kami.  Some people mistake me as Charli, but that's my daughter's name who I call my blog after!  I have two daughters; Charli and Olivia.  They basically are the inspiration behind a lot of my projects.  I started my blog in 2010 after having my first daughter.  I was bored during her nap times so I started crafting and sharing my ideas with the world.  I have a hot hubby who was my Jr. High and High School sweetheart.  If you stop by my blog you will find everything from easy projects, recipes, sewing, refashion, and simple tips & ideas.  I love to sew but I don't have a lot of patience so you will find that most of my sewing projects are simple and quick!  When I am not blogging or doing a project you can find me exercising, eating (not at the same time), playing the guitar, or hanging out with my family!  I love being able to share ideas with anyone who is willing to listen to me blab!"
Bloglovin:  https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1823107/sweet-charli

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