Refashion your LIFE

A year long weekly video series in 2013 by Megan and Chalyce to help you transform the old in your life into something new! If you are looking to be a better YOU....maybe we can help you one step at a time. Life is a journey. We hope to help you become a better you, discover the YOU you were meant to be, have fun doing it and maybe inspire those around you to do the same.  

Video Series

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Episode 1 - A better YOU! 
Episode 2 -Juggling balls in the air
Episode 3 - What is your purpose?
Episode 4 - The 80lb. purpose
Episode 5 - Beautiful Life 
Episode 6 - Chalyce shares her weight loss secret!  
Episode 7 - We talk to ourselves in the mirror
Episode 8 - Fear of FOOD
Episode 9 - Are you eating backwards??
Episode 10 - Your clothes are speaking...what are they saying?
Episode 11 - How to dress up a T-shirt
Episode 12 - Why are we doing this?
Episode 13 - Style on a Budget
Episode 14 - Are you putting on Lifes "ugly" accessories?
Episode 15 - The Victim Tshirt
Episode 16 - Love is a Verb
Episode 17 - You are a LIGHT
Episode 18 - How to seek Him  
Episode 19 - SuperHERO 
Episode 20 - Letter of Recommendation toYOURself! 
Episode 21 -The TA DA list! 
Episode 22 - Megan - You have Worth
Episode 23 - Aleisha - Fight for Joy 
Episode 24 - Kari - It's a blessing
Episode 25 - Becky - Weight Loss Success 
Epsiode 26 - Megan - Ellie's Gift
Episode 27 - Whitney - Hope in Motherhood
Episode 28 - Megan K. - Hope for Happiness
Episode 29  - Lynda - Womanhood
Episode 30 - Cobi -  Finding aNew
Episode 31- Risa - Our Fences
Episode 32 - Noel - Letters
Episode 33 - Kirstin & Janelle - Choice
Episode 34 - Janelle - Positive Outlook
Episode 35 - Janelle - Divine Current
Episode 36 - Rod - Overcoming
Episode 37 - Power of Stories 
Episode 38 - Outside your Box
Episode 39 -  Red Fred Project
Episode 40 - If you're not Changing
Episode 41 - Trigger Words
Episode 42 - Building upon tiny acts
Episode 43 - Intimacy
Episode 44 - Dress and Intention
Episode 45 - Body love (and Megan's follow up post)
Episode 46 -  Full vs. Busy
Episode 47 -  Gratitude
Episode 48 -  Expectations
Episode 49 - Random Kindness
Episode 50 - Believe
Episode 51 - A CHRISTmas message
Episode 52 - Time - Your life in Jellybeans

If you would like Megan and Chalyce to come and speak to your youth/women's or community groups and organizations please email them at info (at) brassyapple (dot)com with the details (location, date, time, etc). Although they would like to accept each invitation to come and speak their time is limited and their calendar does fill up quickly. Please email early for the best chance and to check availability.

They can speak on a variety of topics but their main focus is creating strength by valuing yourself. Self empowerment has a ripple effect on those around in turn strengthening and building up "an army of strong people."
Megan and Chalyce are members of the LDS faith (aka Mormons). Their life's experiences, how they pulled through their trials and live everyday, is rooted in their knowledge of God and belief in Him. Please know that typically God is mentioned when they come to speak.

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