Crafty Summer Series – I SPY book! creativity for the car…

Hello hello! It’s challenge #2 REVEAL day! Two weeks ago I challenged all of you to craft up something for the car. Whether you are on the go, road trippin’ it, have a kids to entertain or simply running errands around town.

What could you create to make it easier, better, more organized, comfortable, etc.
My head was swimming with ideas but I only need to share one so HOPEFULLY everyone else got up and moving and will share some great inspiration with you too!
Add your link to the Mr. Linky box belowm, then please leave a comment and have fun blog hopping!

I SPY book tutorial…….(great for car trips, trips around town, waiting at the dr. office, etc)

1. Take photos of “piles” or groups of items. Ideas include childrens toys, junk drawer, pantry, bathroom drawer, what’s in their back pack, books, toy box, closet, etc….The possibilities are endless!
2. Print them out or send them to the 1 hour photo.
3. Buy an inexpensive little photo album/flip book.
4. Type up some “I SPY” riddles or counting challenges, etc. Think of the different ways they phrase the rhymes and wording of those “I SPY” books. Use counting, colors, objects, finding words, and on and on. Choose the skill level that is best for your kids.
5. Slide the photos and coordinating “riddles” into the book and VIOLA! you have your own personalized “I SPY” book!
The great thing about these are the pictures or “riddle” cards can be changed out at any time! They are also small enough to easily slide into your purse, their back pack or even better? make them their own t-shirt pack!
I have 12 different photos in my I SPY book. Here are some of our I SPY pages and some of the “riddles” I typed up to go along with them. Enjoy!

I spy a Cow, an Owl and a Snowflake

Can you find 4 pencils & 4 pairs of scissors?

I spy an apple, a fish & 5 containers of glue

“FABRICSHACK”, “MARKS” and a pen that’s gray/blue

I spy a pirate, “FUR REAL” and a Rose

A red Ranger, a crown, & a little brown nose

How many balls do you see?

Can you Spy 4 tools?

I spy spaghetti, an elf ear & 3 hooves


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  2. I love the “I Spy Book”. Its great for any age and so easy to adjust it to your child’s age. I left my ideas on Mr. Linky. Can’t wait for the next challenge. Thanks for organizing this.

  3. awesome book!

  4. I made a few things for a roadtrip in January, just wanted to share them with you and your readers. I left a link. I know my mom used to work hard to keep us occupied in the car when we were kids, we played all kinds of games like car bingo, I Spy, I’m Thinking of a Word That Rhymes With….. , etc.

  5. Love your I spy book.
    I created a link to a carseat organizer I made for our upcoming road trip.

  6. I am so featuring this fabulous idea!!

  7. I love this idea, super cute, now I just have to do it!! 🙂

  8. Such a cute idea! =)

  9. This is just such a great idea! I’ll have to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a neat idea!

    I came up with three things because they each were so simple that one didn’t seem like “enough”.

  11. I love it! Fabulous Idea!!

  12. What a great idea! I’m going to have to get busy and make one of these before our next road trip! I put my car idea on Mr. Linky. Thanks for hosting this, all of the ideas on your blog are so cute!

  13. Love the I spy Book. I am going to try to make on for my 4 yr old. We are leaving for vacation on Sunday so it may not look as good as your but I can always improve it for a diffrent trip.

  14. thank you so much for this great idea! I can’t get myself to buy the Ispy books and I was trying to find something to put in my boys “trip to utah” bags next week…I already went out and bought the little books and now I am off to take some pictures 🙂 thank you!! great idea!

  15. Fun! Fun! Fun! I seriously need to make 20 of these from all the junk in my house! I linked to this at

  16. So cute, my girls would LOVE this!

  17. Such a great idea my daughter will love it! Clever to use pictures of their toys!

  18. We just finished a 6 hour car trip. Check out my blog for the tips that worked for us!

  19. LOOOOVE this idea girlfriend!
    I am gonna have to make one and give you some linky love.

  20. Awesome idea! I am collecting items to make an I Spy jar for our next trip. I may have to do this as well!

  21. This is such a cool idea! And it makes it more personal since you made it yourself! I think I’ll try to make one for my son! Thanx for sharing this great idea! 🙂

  22. I’ve loved this idea since you first posted it – I put a link on my blog:

    Thanks for the great idea!!

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  30. This is a great idea…
    hey i could just take random picures of various parts of my floors…it would look just like your pics LOL!

    Even better, we could use the book like a map to find the car keys and the hairbrush LOL!!

    Bur seriously..I LOVE IT! thanks

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  33. I am so into spy stuff, can’t wait until he’s a little older to do some of your fabulous spy games. This is awesome!


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