Kindergarten…….100 days

(taking a break from business to share a bit of family news. You may like this idea!)

Does your child’s Kindergarten class celebrate the 100th day of School? Ours does! Actually the 100 day was TODAY!

Last week each student was asked to bring in a collection of 100 things – string 100 cheerios on a necklace, build a tower using 100 legos, etc…..
My little guy decided he wanted to collect 100 Thumb prints from 100 different people! We crafted up a poster with 100 numbered spaces on it, bought a washable ink pad and set out to fill it up!

Of course he got to fill the first space!

Followed by several family members, friends, neighbors and classmates! We went early before school started one day and within minutes there was a LooOOOoong time of kids waiting for chance to plant their thumb print on his poster……

Our littlest thumb print from Miss M……

and our lucky #99, #100 to finish the project!

Can you get any more excited than THIS?? ha ha ha……In under 48 hours he was done! That’s a lot of thumbs baby and his project was a huge hit with the class!!

There are a lot of fun and creative 100 days projects out there! If you have blogged about one, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to swing by and take a peek!


  1. That’s a really cute idea. I think I’ll do that for my son’s good job chart. It totally makes it personal.

  2. That’s an awesome idea! Unfortunately, my daughter was home sick on the 4th when her school celebrated! Bummer. I love your son’s poster. Super cool idea. Jenn

  3. Your little guy is one smart cookie! His idea was brilliant!

  4. CUTE!! I am the aide in a kindergarten class – our 100th day was Feb. 1st! 🙂

    I have a blog for the class, and here’s a link to the post I put up about the 100th day:

  5. I absolutely LOVE this idea! SUPER cute, Meg!

  6. This is a terrific idea. Bravo.

  7. This idea is brilliant! Missed using it for my son’s 100th day but am going to do my best to remember this in 2 years when my daughter starts kindergarten! thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Wow! That was a great idea for the 100th day! Last month I made a tshirt with an applique’d initial with 100 rhinestones on it for a little girl. These kids come up with some good stuff!

  9. How fun!!!

  10. what a super fun idea that is!! My daughter’s class celebrates the 100 days also, she talks about it nonstop, she’s so excited for the 100 days celebration

  11. that is such a cute idea! I love it, and I’m stealing it…in a few years. We are doing good to count to twenty right now, lol. Stopping by from SITS!

  12. Great idea! Stopping by from SITS.

  13. oh how i LOVE this take on 100 days! you make the world a fantastic place, megan.

  14. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Thursday!!!

  15. That is such a fun idea! Looks like it was a big hit with everyone that took part! I am totally making mental note for my son when he hits Kindergarten in two years!

  16. My son’s kindergarten class “celebrates” 100 days of school as well. They are asked to make a poster of groups of 10 adding to 100 of different things around the house. For my older boy and my current kindergartner we did groups of 10 different things to eat. like 10 cheerios, 10 mini vannilla waffers, 10 fruity tic tac’s etc . . . and put them on with jet puff as the glue. they hang them on the hall walls for like a week then pass them out to take home. He brought his project home and ate it. lol

  17. Melanie Pitts says:

    I helped my daughter create a 100 book. We took a $store scrapbook (with 10 pages) and added ten items to each page. She chose craft items from our craft cart, so it included 10 rhinestones, 10 pompoms, 10 craft sticks, 10 stickers, 10 sequins, etc. I love this idea since it is interactive!

  18. That is a really cool way to celebrate 100 days. Maybe we will do that this year. How fun! Thanks for sharing.

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