Storybook Activity – Family Fun!

We love Summertime and reading and I’ve got a family activity that will combine the FUN of both! 

 We make weekly trips to the library and love pouring over new adventures, funny stories, mysteries and more all from a book. Recently we read Fancy Nancy where she had her family dress up fancy like her and go out to a diner for ice cream. LIGHT BULB moment!!!!

By simply diving into the dress up bin, or your own closet, we each created a new look and went out for ice cream! OH yes! We really did!!!

It was SOOO much fun and memorable for the whole family! When your kids say things like, “We are sooo awesome” and “this is so fun!” you know you’ve hit a home run! Plus everyone was giggling and smiling from ear to ear!!! We had strangers come up and say, “you guys look awesome! and “WOW! isn’t your family fun!” 

Thank you….Yes. Yes we are.
So grab a book and see what adventure and activity you can do from it. Maybe it’s cooking in the kitchen, maybe it’s heading outside and maybe it’s dressing up and going out for ice cream! JUST have fun! 

Be sure to send me a photo or link if you try it! I’d love to see!

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  1. Haha That’s awesome! I’m not sure I could get my hubs on board with it, but it sure would be fun!

  2. You have to be the one of the coolest families I’ve seen! That is so awesome! You all look fabulous!!

  3. Yippee!!! That’s one of our fav books and Jb even agreed to dress up on night and go. CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SHOW!!!! WICKED AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha That’s a rreally really cool family!!!

  5. You made my day. That is so awesome! My son is terrified that I’ll want to do this 😉

  6. we have done similar things, like taking our kids to breakfast in our pjs. at first our older kids are very self conscious and say “people are staring” but then they get into it and have fun adn forget the world around them and we know we have made a great memory!

  7. Oh my goodness this is a wonderful idea. I wish my older son (he’s a teen now) and my hubby would go for it. I guess it will be me and my little one enjoying the fun. I’m hosting an Our Favorite Things Link Party and I would love to have you join in. The link is
    Have a great day

  8. So wonderful! Now THAT’S something your children will always treasure.

  9. You are SO FUN! I would have LOVED to bump into you at the ice cream place. My daughter’s favorite books are FANCY NANCY, and I can’t wait for another birthday for her so that we can celebrate it Fancy Nancy ALL THE WAY!

  10. Your children will cherish this memory! Loved the first episode of Refashion It – you are a natural.

  11. Hey friend! Thanks for sharing this fun family activity on Fancy This Fridays!!! We featured your AWESOME family today at Truly Lovely! 😉 Hope you’ll check it out!

  12. Megan, this is fantastic!! I feature ideas, on my Eljah*B Etsy shop fan page, of how to facilitate memories with family and friends. I had to share this one today because it is so good!! I invite you and your followers to stop by.

    Here is my shop as well:

    Thank you for encouraging families to spend time together and cherish each other!
    Many blessings!

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