DIY girls Halloween Costume – paper doll

2 pieces of foam core board
cutting tool – exacto knife/box cutter, etc
spray adhesive
fabric marker (optional) 
yard stick (optional)
(Depending on how tall your daughter is will determine if you need 2 pieces of foam core or 1)
Step 1: Place the 2 pieces of foam core together on the ground/floor. Have your daughter lay on the boards. I lined up her waist with the bottom of the first piece so I could cut a top out). Don’t trace around her arms. Just her shoulders and sides and down along her hips. You don’t have to press hard with the pencil. This will give you an idea of where to draw the outfit and how wide to fit her. 

Step 2: DRAW the outfit! Give yourself a general outfit to follow and cut out. This part is all up to you! Puffy sleeves, no sleeve, blouse-y look, tailored, etc. Remember to add the TABS to give it the paper doll look!  You will need two TABS for the shoulders and a few around the bottom part of the outfit too. I used a folded post it note to trace so my TABS were all the same size. (It might be helpful to tape the 2 pieces together a bit to make the outfit a smooth transition) I also used my yardstick to make some nice straight lines for the skirt. TIP: straight lines are easier to cut than curvey ones.
Step 3: Cut it out. Remember the lines you drew will be covered up by fabric! My box cutter cut very smoothly and easily through the boards.
Step 4: Tape/Secure the two pieces together so the two pieces are more stiff and connected as 1 piece. 
Step 5: Pick your fabrics! Mix it up – keep it solid. Whatever you fancy is – go for it! Lay your fabric right side down and turn your foam board over. Trace and cut with scissors! A fabric marker is helpful to trace on the fabric. Once it’s cut, place it on the foam core again to make sure it’s a good fit. Trim as necessary. 

Step 6: GLUE! Follow the directions on the bottle of spray adhesive to apply your fabric. Let dry. 
Step 7: Embellish! It’s fun to add layers for a more polished look. Just remember to add in FLAT layers – not dimensional. If necessary – photocopy buttons, trim, etc to add to your outfit. If you add a belt to the outfit cut it extra long so it can be wrapped around your daughter as a way to help hold the costume on. Or attach some fabric or trim to the inside middle of the outfit as a “belt”.
Step 8: Using hot glue you can attach 2 loops of elastic near the shoulder area. Use your daughter as a measure of where they should be placed and how large. These loops will make the costume easy to slip on and comfortable to wear. Don’t make the loops too big that the costume sags (the belt in the middle is a good back up to keep the costume in it’s place).  TIP: we found we didn’t need elastic loops so try the belt option first and see if it works! 

DONE!!! You can create a hair accessory in paper doll style as well to match your outfit if you’d like! Don’t forget the TAB. It could easily be attached to a headband to wear! Finish off the outfit with leggings, tights, shoes etc!

TIP: don’t make it too long because it can be a bit hard to walk in with the stiff foam board hitting your daughters knees….lesson learned! 
We don’t want any trick or treaters falling over or having a hard time! 
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  1. So clever! I love it…your daughter is darling! pinned!

  2. That’s so funny!!!!! I love it! You and your doughter are brilliant!

  3. Very Cute!

  4. This is adorable! Your daughter looks just like you! Would love for you to enter our Halloween costume contest starting October 13! Over $150 in prizes to the winner! Click link below for more details!

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  6. Haa haa so fun I want to make this for me this year.

  7. This is so much fun! What a GREAT idea!

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 6 post on Oct. 10, 2012. Thanks again.

  9. This is TOOOOO CUTE! I love it. I love the ideas you come up with!

  10. Oh that is so much fun!! What a neat idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  11. This is such a cute idea for a dress up party or photobooth – excellent 🙂

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Cusiosity

  12. This is such a cool costume!!!

  13. OMG!!! What a creative costume. I love it!!! So fun making your own. 🙂

  14. Such a cute idea. Love it!

    Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

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  18. That’s awesome!! She’s got some great poses that are sort of frightening in an uncanny valley sort of way.

  19. Awesome idea for a costume! Your daughter seems to be loving it

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