clothes REfashion – Monster patches for jeans

A few weeks ago I shared this project and a few others on my “Patch it with Style” episode of Refashion It. You can watch the show online here.
I share the NO option too! you can create the same look!
sewing machine / liquid stitch
With the white felt cut a row of teeth the width of the opening. Cut a piece of black or red felt (or whatever color you want your mouth to be) large enough to cover the opening with excess on all sides.
Sew the row of teeth onto the piece you cut for the mouth or apply a line of Liquid Stitch to the top edge of the teeth and let dry.
If you are using a sewing machine to secure the pieces on and the area to be patched isn’t accessible use your seam ripper to rip out the easiest seam. Turn the jeans inside out and rip a few inches (enough to work your machine into that area).
Position your teeth behind the opening pin and sew into place. OR turn your jeans inside, apply of line of Liquid Stitch around the opening and press the same piece into place and let it dry. Cut the excess from around the back when it’s dry.
Create the character! With tiny pieces of felt cut eyes, pupils and even arms or a tongue if you want! Play around with different sizes – they don’t have to match! You could even add in some extra teeth if you wanted!  Sew into place or use the liquid stitch. 
Give it a try! Your boys will love it! 

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