DIY oversized clutch from carpet

My Sister law called me and asked me if I wanted some carpet squares 
that they were selling for $5.00 to make an over sized clutch
I said sure! 
Carpet squares are the perfect size for over-sized clutches.

Things you need.
  1. Carpet sample
  2. Large needle
  3. Hemp *Wal-Mart
  4. Magnetic clasp (HERE)
  5. E6000 glue
  6. Key Ring
  7. Swivel clasp (HERE)
 Thread your needle
Fold your carpet in half and sew up the sides.
secure the ends.
Find the center of your carpet and add the magnetic clasp.
Instructions for that HERE
Now you can add a tassel or really decorate it however you want.
 I decided to add a Hemp Tassel.
Hemp Tassel Tutorial
Wrap your jute around a note pad or anything stiff,
 until you get the size and thickness you want.
cut a piece of jute about 8 inches long and run it under the wrapped jute
Add your metal key ring and tie a knot
 making sure the knot is at the underside of the other jute to hide it.
(Looks like the picture)
Take another piece of jute and wrap around the top of your tassel.
tie a knot at the bottom and use E6000 glue to secure it.
cut open the bottom of the tassel to the length you want.
add your tassle to a Swivel Casp
Hook it to your bag
 I tied a piece of jute between the two metal eyes,  attached
 another key ring and the attached the tassel.
Now you have a over sized clutch.
The fun part is you can pretty much change this up however you want.
Have a Wonderful Monday!
Lots of <3,

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