7 ways to wear boyfriend jeans

Hey Brassy Apple readers, I’m Kilee from ONE little MOMMA back this month with some tips for styling a pair of jeans that you might already own or have at least contemplated purchasing. Boyfriend jeans are a cut of denim that has been around for a few years and is still going strong. They have been more for the adventurous fashion crowd, but they really are for everyone! They have a higher rise and a loose fit leg which makes them a great mom, daughter, college gal or really any woman jean.
When you are looking for the right pair you want to look for ones that fit a little snug in the bum and loose-ish through the thigh and leg. You still want a relatively slim leg and the hems will be a little rolled. I especially love if they have a little wear and tear on them.
So how to wear them? I’ve got a good round up of way that I wear them here for you.
graphic sweater + boyfriend jeans + ankle boots
graphic sweater + boyfriend jeans + ankle boots
blazer + white tee + boyfriend jeans + sparkly heels
blazer + white tee + boyfriend jeans + sparkly heels
striped tee + scarf + boyfriend jeans + TOMS
striped tee + scarf + boyfriend jeans + TOMS
loose embellished tee + boyfriend jeans + wedge sandals
loose embellished tee + boyfriend jeans + wedge sandals

dolman tee + boyfriend jeans + platform sandals
dolman tee + boyfriend jeans + platform sandals
plaid + boyfriend jeans + ankle boots
plaid + boyfriend jeans + ankle boots
graphic tee + blazer + boyfriend jeans + Converse
graphic tee + blazer + boyfriend jeans + Converse
See- not too hard huh? I’m sure you have many of these items (or similar ones) in your closet. What is your favorite way to wear boyfriend denim? 
7 Simple Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans


  1. Where did you get that blazer

  2. I seriously MUST find this tee shirt!!! Like tomorrow…

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