Creative DIY Valentines using PHOTOS!

When these started appearing over 4 years ago I fell in love with them! 
Using photos is SUCH a fun way to capture your child (or YOU!) and personalize the card being given away.
Here’s a few of my favorites and ones I have found recently (PIN away!)
Plus let me know others I should add to my PIN board!

(I think I love this one because it doesn’t involve a treat – wink!)
(I really like the chalk idea!)
The ever popular MUSTACHE Valentine
(we sent these out to grandparents and cousins)
(it’s another NON sweet treat idea!)
This one is just darling!!! 
(again, perfect for grandparents I think!)
Of course the EVER POPULAR sucker valentine
A little more involved but super CUTE. Valentine Inspired by the Movie – UP!
And let’s not forget WE can get in on the fun photo action too!
You can create a fun FLIP book – blowing kisses!

Do you have a link or a pin to another great Valentines photo idea? Please share it with me!

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