St Patricks day Printables – kids activities

It’s no secret…..I’m not a big fan of decorating for the Holidays. Yes of course we do for Christmas BUT I don’t do much around inside my house for most of the Holidays. We still have FUN with the theme of the Holiday,  I just don’t splash it around. And some of that FUN I am sharing today.
We like to get crafty at our house but sometimes I’m just out of a new idea (gasp!) or mommy steam….I know right!? LOL….Let me share with you my new little secret – Paging SUPERMOM Printables!!! Hello life saver!

Paging SuperMom has printables for DECOR, for parties, for little gifts and more BUT they also have ACTIVITIES! So when the moment arises that when my kids come to me and say, “Mom, can we decorate for St. Patrick’s day?” …..or something similar. I don’t have to worry about running out to the $1 store to buy some “kid” decorations that I’m not really going to like. Can you relate? Now I can just jump onto Paging Supermom and search through their printables!!!

I had fun with my kids this week creating a little leprechaun mischief at our house. Banners and frameables made it easy to cute, assemble, create and decorate however WE wanted!
What was SUPER great too was that they offered more than decor. There was games, coloring sheets and activities that all my kids (different ages) would enjoy. They offered a fun variety – something for everyone. They make it easy to have a SUPERmom moment! *wink*
After printing and playing we got creative and transformed ourselves into little leprechauns!
We printed out headshots of ourselves.
Cut out our heads
attached a pipe cleaner body
and then some green/gold accessories!
 The kids have had a GREAT time moving these little guys around. They are bendable and can hang, move or be posed almost anywhere! Plus they just make us laugh! they are funny and cute!
So my point? “Supermom” moments can be easy. They can be random. They don’t have to be planned. We all love that moment when things just come together. When everyone is happy, laughing and having a good time. When we are creating and connecting together. It doesn’t have to be complex or a big production. It’s all about time…… just take a little time . And printable are a fun way to make it easy!
Thanks Paging Supermom for the fun …and the memories you helped my family create.

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