Fun with Cardboard – Family Fun ideas #4

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Summer is here! are you running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained and having fun? This series of fun ideas is for ANY time of year for any function, party, get together – ANYDAY! Great for adding to the Summer bucket list and Summer fun!

Today’s list of fun is all about CARDBOARD!!

Cardboard is a great material to use because it’s cheap or free and easily accessible! From cereal boxes, food boxes, the grocery store, etc. It comes in all sizes and thicknesses – snag some and get creating with some of these ideas!

kids crafts to do with cardboard -

Cardboard is great for creating new places to play! From cities, towns, to forts and ships! How about a little outdoor tent?

fun things to make with cardboard -

A workbench can be completely DIY’d with paper and cardboard. Love the creativity of so many elements that were added to pull off this fun work station.

cardboard kids workbench -

Western town? Any type of town or street of shops can be created with cardboard boxes!

western town from cardboard -

 Don’t you love play food? I do! These cardboard cookies can be whipped up quickly and there’s no worry or guilt about how many are “eaten”.

diy cardboard crafts -

Cookies aren’t your thing? These cardboard mushrooms and basket are another fun option for play food!

DIY cardboard crafts -

Let your kids WEAR the cardboard too! Their creativity can be endless! Here’s a few ideas to get you started. DIY cardboard necklace

DIY cardboard craft ideas -

Cardboard crowns are perfect for boys and girls! Whether it’s were the wild things are or the queen Elsa from Frozen!

cardboard crowns - diy cardboard crafts -

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