Sugru – fixing the future the DIY way

Sugru - the DIY way to fix the future -

As a blogger I get pitches all the time to try products and share them with you. Most I turn down because 1) they aren’t applicable to me and what I talk about here 2) It’s not something I would buy normally (too expensive, etc) and 3) there are always some strings attached and sometime I just don’t want to deal with those.

BUT I love when I do get a good pitch that applies perfectly. Sugru contacted me and I was immediately intrigued so I watched the video and then I was Hooked! The English accent alone kills me (sucker for an accent) but the product is REALLY cool!! You have to watch the video to hear their accent AND to see the humor they put into selling their product AND to see how cool it really is!

Ok are you thinking “Where has this been all my life?” or “how amazing is THAT!” Well that’s what I was thinking after I watched it!

The Sugru people describe it as this: It’s basically a play dough for adults, feels like putty but acts like superglue and sticks to pretty much anything. It’s great for creating, fixing and modifying things and we’ve heard from hundreds of crafters around the world who have shared some really creative stories with us about how they regularly use sugru. It is now used by 500,000 people in over 150 countries and it’s just been launched in 100 Michaels stores across the US.

It comes in several colors – red, black, white, yellow, blue – so when I got my hands on some I was on the hunt for what needed fixing in my life! 🙂 One project I knew immediately it could be tested on to see if it really held up to all they said it did was my daughter triple barrel hair curling iron. Ok – it IS old and yes I could have bought a new one BUT it still works perfectly fine and my frugal heart just couldn’t toss it out. The plastic “button” on the handle had broken off making it very difficult to use because it gets HOT!

curling iron DIY fix

Sugru claims to love heat so I used one of the small packages and fashioned my own button on the handle. I even made it ergonomically correct and pressed my thumb into it so it would be easier to use and comfortable.

curling iron DIY fix with Sugru

The Directions say to let it sit for 24 hours to “harden” and set…, onto the next project! This one was a bit “out of the box” but I wanted to try it! What not! I was already experimenting here, why not keep going!? I have a pair of high heels that I LOVE but the heel pad one 1 shoe got worn out waaay before the shoes did. I still wear them but almost can’t stand the scratching noise the one shoe makes on the concrete and some flooring. Plus it makes it alittle less comfortable or easy to walk in.

fix your high heels the DIY way with Sugru

Luckily Sugru comes in black so I was able to fashion a new heel pad over that scratchy nail head and have it blend in. Again, let it sit for 24 hours.

a DIY fix for broken high heels with Sugru

RESULTS??? Here’s what I found.

YES!!! Our curling iron is now EASY to use again. The Sugru has hardened and DOES NOT get hot! Now we can conetinue to use the curling iron for many more hairstyles to come!

and what about my heels? They are quiet as can be. The Sugru will help me extend my love for these shoes until the shoe part wears not and not that tiny little heel pad!

It’s a lot of fun to play around with and make your life better and easier. I think my next project is cutting some of my kids shoe laces down to a shorter length and putting some Sugru on the ends like they showed in the video. Have you tried it? We are sold on it here at our house!

To find the nearest store near you that carries it, put your zipcode in here. If it is not stocked in your area you can always buy it online. Plus check out the crafty ideas that will blow your mind that you can do WITH Sugru!

Sugru - the DIY way to fix the world


  1. Crystal Polson says

    This stuff looks amazing. I was laughing at his outfit choice on top of the video & his accent ties it all together.

  2. Elizabeth M. says

    Cool. Can it be painted!

  3. Sugru is brilliant stuff But that’s actually an IRISH accent!

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