Eat your pie – Fun Thanksgiving tradition

There’s plenty of time to throw this “party” together before Thanksgiving!

This is a tradition that should happen in every neighborhood! It’s so difficult to see everyone you want during the Holiday season and sometimes fulfilling family obligations can hinder seeing friends and neighbors. Here is the solution!
Host a Pre-Thanksgiving PIE Party! Since we never save room for dessert yet we want to try all the yummies on Thanksgiving day Рgive the PIE a day to shine! 
 Invite your friends, neighbors and family too with this darling poem. You can print out a ready made poem here or create your own!
Include the day, time and place and invite those coming to bring a pie to share.
You provide the space, plates, napkins, silverware, etc. and watch a new favorite tradition unfold as all those in attendance enjoy pie and friendship.
So what’s your favorite kind of pie? Are you pumpkin pie fan or not? The great thing about pie night is you get to sample lots of kinds!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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