Motherhood – hey I get it!

Mother’s Day. Love it or hate it – it is right around the corner. I think as women we struggle with Mother’s day because it can bring up our own short comings. Maybe you have lost a baby, maybe you are stuggling to have children, maybe you placed your baby with another family.The “maybes” could go on and on….. Maybe motherhood looks different to you than what the world is telling you (or Pinterest) what being a Mom looks like.

(mama life is the best life tee)

Motherhood - you are doing better than you think -

Hey I get it.

I have had my baby pass away 2 weeks after she was born.

I know the pain and emptiness and longing of EMPTY arms.

I have been a foster mom and taken in other Mothers children and felt their pain, frustration, sadness, fright, gratitude, and many more emotions as I mothered her children while she worked on becoming a better mother herself.

I have sat and foolishy compared myself to other Mothers through my rose colored glasses not fully knowing what really is going on in someone elses life.

I have let social media pressure me into feeling guilty, not enough or too much.

I have LET too many things distract me, cloud me and bombard me at times with images, standards, labels, thoughts and verbage that is completely UNTRUE!

I have too many times “listened” to the wrong voice and bought into ideas that are less than my true potential. But life experiences and meeting new people, serving, getting outside of my box and knowing WHO I AM has helped me to realize and recognize all the “dumb” stuff we get thrown at us each day. I no longer give any place or energy or value to such notions.

You are enough.

(I’m worth it tee)

worth it B2

You are a Mother IN your own way and you mother YOUR own way.

So don’t listen to the wrong voices this weekend at Mothers day rolls around. Listen to the good ones. Look for the good. See the good. It is there and all around. Let love in and out and through. Take some in and give some away.

Look at the rolls you play everyday and KNOW that you are doing more good than you know. If you are a stay at home mom you know the pay it’s always what you want it to be (ha!). You know the days are sometimes hard and long. I KNOW!!! and I remember thinking there is no other place I would rather be!

No job is more important than what YOU can do as a WOMAN!….notice I didn’t say mother. There are plenty of women who don’t have children who make as big of an impact or bigger on the people around them. Women need women.

(Homemaker definition tee)

photo courtesy of @helloprettiesblog – pop over to her blog to see more photos of how she styled our tee!

homemaker Mom tee -

We love giving power and a voice to GOOD things! and wearing it on your body in one of our graphic tees not only gives you a little reminder about your own awesomeness, it also affects those who see and read your tee. It’s like giving yourself a little love and sharing it with everyone else too!

And if you need 1 more feel good today check out this video. Remember, look for the good and LET LOVE IN!

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