Best TIPS for organizing a FOOD FIGHT!

Yes you read that right!!! A FOOD FIGHT!!! Something I have wanted to “throw” (yes pun intended) together for a long time now but just happened to move into an area where they already held an annual one! LUCKY US!!

My friend Heather throws a GREAT food fight each year to celebrate the end of school and beginning of Summer break. She has learned some VALUABLE lessons along the way that make it MUCH smoother and easier for all involved. After going to her food fight recently I couldn’t help but share all the fun and TIPS too and she said SHARE away!

Best tips for a food fight -

(ha ha!!! Don’t you love my daughters face? That is a face of “oh my gosh don’t touch me because everything feels slimy and gross!!! and yes that is my hair sticking straight UP in the back! ha ha ha)

DO’s AND DON’Ts of a food fight

Yes there are DO’s and DON’Ts and you will be much happier to know these BEFORE you host a food throw down: 

  • 1. FOOD TO BRING – As a host be very specific on what types of food are allowed for the food fight. Although we have dreams of tossing spaghetti at another person and mushing cake into someones hair or face these food items DO NOT easily wash out of the yard. Only allow food that easily washes away with a hose or sprinkler because no one wants to pick up individual pieces of noodle in the yard or look at it for weeks either!
  • Some great food suggestions are: mustard, ketchup, mashed potatoes, pancake/cake batter (not cooked but the batter!), pudding, maple syrup, salad dressings, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, mayo, flour, etc. (PS I have heard that BBQ sauce burns the eyes. Your call on whether or not to allow that) Think cheap. Think bulk. Think make it with water instead of milk, etc.

Get the idea? All of it easily WASHES out of the yard when the fun is over.

Have everyone attending bring food. The more food – the longer it lasts. Use up older food and/or buy new. We ended up purchasing a bottle of syrup, ketchup and a bag of flour or each member of our family. Then I made up 2 huge bowls of mashed potatoes from our emergency prepardeness food storage that needed used up!

food fight - food set up

  • 2. WHAT TO WEAR – swimsuits are great or older clothes that you don’t mind getting messy, dirty and possibly stained in! Alot of people wore flip flops or went shoe-less. I can say that my flip flops got super slippery and I ended up ditching them as I running from food throwing attackers.
  • 3. WHAT TO BRING – as an attendee or host be sure everyone knows what to bring.

A) FOOD – obviously (remember to be specific about what you allow and what is NOT allowed)

B) TOWELS/change of clothes – Remind or suggest to those attending they will be a hot, sticky, wet, gooey, slimy MESS when it is all over with. Towels, plastic sacks and even a change or partial change of clothes are a good thing to bring. Sometimes just stripping down part of your what you are wearing (we had our boys ditch their tshirt) and sacking it up is a great option until you can get home and shower (mashed potatoes sure like to stay in the nooks and crannies of your ears!) Plus you may want towels to protect your car from the mess.

food fight fun  BEFORE -

  • 4. RULES OF THE GAME – setting up rules for how the event will run make it easier on everyone – host, attendees and spectators! (yes! it’s great to have people watching who take pics and video of the fun!) Here’s a few rules that worked for the food fight we attended:

START TIME – set a definite start time – no ifs, ands or buts. The food fight starts at a certain time. If you are late, you just might miss it! There is no controlling the madness once it starts! (this encourages early arrivals too!)

BOUNDARIES – The front porch was a NO food zone. All those attending as spectators (toddlers, babies, moms, parents, etc) knew that they would be SAFE on the front porch and all food fight participants respected that zone. No direct throwing towards the porch.

Also boundaries in the yard (hers was held in the front yard) – no going in the street, no running into the neighbors yard (again, be respectful), sides of the house etc. Make sure everyone knows where they need to stay and NOT go.

**This last boundary is very important!!! As a host be sure to lay out the “rules” for entering or NOT entering your home. This was one of her rules on the invite and so so so very smart of her:

You may not enter the house for any reason once the food fight starts so use the bathroom before you come!

(smart right? can you imagine the mess not only in the yard but in the house??? OY!!!)

food fight 2

  • 5. SET UP – Time for FUN!!!! As everyone arrives have them set their food around the yard. My friend Heather described it as “Hunger games cornucopia style”. Meaning a mad dash for “supplies or ammo” when it was GO time!

Take a BEFORE photo of the group! Everyone is all smiles and squeaky clean before the fun begins! It’s great to capture this moment and of course an AFTER photo too!!!

Gather everyone together – explain the rules – boundaries, last chance to go in the house, only take 1 food item at a time (don’t hoard 5 ketchup bottles), reminder of the porch area, etc. Perfect time to take that before photo! (Also any bowled food – like the big heavy bowls of mashed potatoes – just stayed where they were and handfuls were grabbed OUT of them as people ran by) Then give a quick count down and let everyone at it!

food fight 7

(A handful of mashed potatoes from an attacker behind you goes right up your nose! Trust me… I know!)

food fight 8

(And if you come all dressed in plastic with only your face exposed and I think you look a little too clean for a food fight….I will do my best to share a handful of ketchup with your face to change all that. And we can still be friends)

food fight -

6. CLEAN UP – There was 2 hoses on opposite ends of the house available for spraying off. You will NOT get completely clean but the major chunks or blobs of food will wash away. Again, you will go home a wet, gooey, sticky mess. Have participants gather up the empty bottles, lids, canisters, etc to throw away. Make sure all bowls get claimed and sent home too!

Food fight AFTER -

food fight fun -

food fight tips and tricks - brassyapple.comAnd REMEMBER!!! Food fights are not for everyone – Ha ha ha!!!! The idea of food fights is intriguing and sounds awesome and sometimes actually participating in one….isn’t so much fun for all. The sticky, the messy and food being flung at you isn’t for everyone. So remember that when you send out the invites. Heather mentioned there have been past food fights full of tears from people of all ages who found out it just wasn’t for them… And that’s OK! Like I said, spectators are GREAT!!!

Food fights are not for eveyrone -

Have you hosted or participated in a food fight? What else would you add? Don’t forget to pin and share this post! It really is A LOT of fun and good memories!

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