Meet the Model – Stephanie


Before we started our new venture with noVae Clothing

I worked on sharing empowering messages in our motto of

Wear good, Feel good & Do good.

I shared many social media posts on how women need women.

I’d like to carry a version of this into noVae Clothing by sharing the women

who take the time to model for us – The moms, the college students & the teens. 

Don’t you love knowing a bit behind the photo? We do! And we are excited to share how amazing these women are!

Today, we introduce you to – Stephanie. 

  • Stephanie Read is a redheaded wife, photographer, and homeschooling mother to four children in Utah. She’s a wannabe farmer and always up for a good adventure. The mountains have her heart, and documenting life, connection, and love is what she does best. She documents her personal life at @auburnsoul and loves sharing her Utah adventures at - modest and modest clothes on trend and on budget!
  • Tell me your current life’s motto/ or what are you passionate about?
I’ve really been focusing on living in the moment over the last couple of years, following my dreams, and taking advantage of really enjoying all that life has to offer.
  • What’s your favorite thing about style/fashion?
I love simple and classic looks
  • What bugs you most about style/fashion?
I’m kind of clueless about it all. I have to text my sisters photos of myself in the dressing room for a thumbs up or thumbs down and most purchases.
noVae clothing - modest and modern clothes for women and teens
  • We believe that women need women and we need to support each other. What’s a favorite piece of advice you’ve received/ or favorite quote?
“Comparison is the thief of joy”. It’s easy to compare your life, your clothes, home, and even marriage with others, especially with social media. Those little squares can be so inspiring, but they can also catch you off guard and send you into a comparison spiral. Once you are aware of this it’s easy to stay on top of it not compare any part of your life with others.
Thanks Stephanie for being a part of noVae and letting us feature you! 
One thing we love about Stephanie is the way she leads her life. She knows who she is and what is best for her family and she lives that each day. She is kind and kind hearted and feels like an instant friend the moment we met her a few years ago.
We look forward to sharing more great women we have worked with!
Watch for more features to come! - modest and modern clothes on trend and on budget

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