Don’t look around…. Look up #PrinceofPeace

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Over the weekend I took part in watching and listening to what my religion calls General Conference. A twice a year event that is broadcast all over the world and open to anyone attending, watching or listening. Split into 2 sessions of 2 hour blocks over 2 days messages of hope, faith, love, healing, encouragement, and more are given. Prayers are answered. Hearts are touched. Inspiration and motivation bulstered to make a change and live better.

I love these 2 days. I look forward to what message will be given “just for me”. To understand better what I need to work on. What messages do I need to hear….What will strike a chord with me and why….?

It’s so much goodness of spirit packed into 1 weekend that it’s easy to feel ready to conquer the world when it’s over. Well, Sunday night rolls around and Monday looms with it’s “back to life” responsibilities. Honestly, it’s easy for this feeling to slip away. To put all these day to day events ahead of doing anything “different”. Of making any change. Or putting into action any principle or habit that I felt just a day or two so strongly about.

I know I am not alone in this.

I recently had a birthday and a friend asked me how it felt to be older and be my age. My response was this, ” Honestly I don’t know how old I am. ” Which is totally true! I don’t keep track of my age. When asked, I have to really think about it and do some quick math to figure it out. LOL! I know it sounds silly but this number has never really meant a lot to me.

There are a lot of other voices in the worlds and pressures that come with these voice when I “Look around”. I am supposed to dress a certain way, look a certain way, have accomplished certain things, have a certain amount of fame/fortune/and glory! LOL! If I don’t have these things I am in desperate “need” of getting things changed, getting things done and fixed or feeling guilt and shame….. These never make me feel good! Sometimes I realize I am letting these get me down and sometimes it sneaks up on me.

So what I do? I look up….

ldsconf quote 2

Simple as that….

When I LOOK UP I find a peace. Looking up reminds what is truly important. Looking up reminds me how much I am loved and what I love about myself. Looking up reminds me of all the good in the world, the good I can do and how much good is in my life each and every HOUR (I’d say each DAY but really I prefer to recognize the good in every hour). Looking up brings a calm to my life. Looking up centers me. It balances me. I opens me up for inspiration.

Looking around vs. Looking UP reminds me this graphic I have always Loved.

gods voiceThere is a hashtag going around right now – #princeofpeace. Photos and stories of people all over the world sharing the peace that Looking UP can bring. Give it a search and see what you find…. .

Also as we head into Easter check out these other resources for more good things:

If you’d like to listen to the talk on THIS message of Looking UP instead of Looking around you can find it here. I know I will be listening to it again myself.