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If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any amount of time or followed me on social media you know I’m a “do gooder” … LOL! Is that a word even? Being involved in the service of others, changing a life, doing small and simple things it like air to me. I thrive on it. It fills me. It worthy of my time. It makes me happy.

The Holidays is a natural time to give back, pay it forward…do some good right? There’s a lot of easy go to ways to do this. If you are looking for something different or “new” let me share this idea with you. AND it’s great for ANY AGE or group size!

I hardly ever have the TV on in the morning but for some reason the ABC morning news show was on and I caught this one story. Divine intervention I think (wink, wink). One of their news correspondents was in the Virgin Islands and the other surrounding areas doing a hurricane relief update. So many people still WITHOUT power months later. Without homes, without basic supplies….. haven’t you ever just wanted to pitch in to help but never quite sure how outside of donating money to an organization that goes in and helps right?

Lucky for me (AND YOU!) this news show featured an organization that is asking for packages to be sent – not money! “woohoooo”  I thought.  “I’m in!” As much as I am willing to donate money to a good cause I LOVE the opportunity to be involved more than a simple monetary donation. Here is the new story:

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

 The clip featured the impact of the program – Adopt-A-Family (Click on Adopt a Family to get matched). I immediately hopped onto their website and requested to be “matched” with a family. They site said I would be matched within 24 – 48 hours. I was worried with the ABC feature that their site would be overwhelmed with requests and that it might take longer BUT 24 hours later I received the email that we had been matched!

It’s SUPER simple. The process is streamlined and so easy. Each package ships via the USPS and in a Large PRIORITY box. So if it fits – it SHIPS for the same price! aka – FILL that BOX up! LOL.  We were matched with a BABY. They provide a list of suggested needed items. I took my boys shopping with me to help me pick out items to fill our box up with. They watched the hurricanes come in and hit and the some of the aftermath. In an effort to help teach my kids – when you see a need, act on it or fill it – this was important to me to involve them. Especially since just giving birth a few weeks ago as a surrogate for some friends – being matched with a BABY and getting to create this box for a little one really hit home for everyone. (And yes I cried a bit when I read we were matched with a baby).



You don’t have to buy everything on the list.

You could buy multiple towels or blankets instead of toys and books.

We tried to give a “well rounded” box. Food, toys, blanket, towel, bug spray, body wash, etc.


You may have noticed in the news clip above that when someone receives a box and they can’t use ALL the items in it, they know someone who can and they pass it along. So know that all the items find their way to people who need them!

We packed up the box and included a small note from our family. I also included a family photo – but that’s not required. The instructions from Adopt a family suggests a including a stamped return address envelope. Some families like to write a thank you back.



I love the fact that they have the option and easy means to give a thank you back. I know when I have been the recipient of kind acts although anonymous is great – I would love to THANK the person. So although we are not expecting any snail mail in return from the Virgin Islands – it would be a happy mail day if a letter did happen to come.

Also in the instructions a CODE was given. This code gets put on all 4 sides of the shipping box. This way the adopt a family employees and volunteers know who the box is for without having to open it. They leave the opening up of it for the person receiving it. Our code was a Y – which means it’s a box for a baby. When they go out to deliver they can easily hand over the box to that mom, dad or grandparents who are taking care of that child. Smart right?


So our packaged was hand delivered to the post office and sent off with lots of love! Not only did we send food – to “feed the hungry” – and daily basics for some small baby in a place I’ve never been, I hope it fed their souls with hope and love.


Want to be a “do gooder” like me?…LOL!

Join in the movement this December to #LightTheWorld with acts of kindness

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