Pantry Packs – Service project idea – #LightTheWorld


We had a great response to our Adopt a Family post – THANK YOU!

I’m glad you were just as excited about it as I was! I love sharing a good idea!

As family is pretty service oriented all year long but this time of year it’s even easier to get involved with more GOOD causes. In an effort to do more I came across a another great opportunity I wanted to share with you. This one struck a chord with me from our training/experience as foster parents.

The service project is: PANTRY PACKS.

Before I get into the rest of the story about why it struck a chord with me PLUS share the details click on the video we made…. LOL! Seriously, this is real life people….

Oh I still laugh at the outtakes, because come on – whose got time for retakes? LOL….

I found the pantry packs service opportunity while searching I love using this site because I simply put in my zipcode and it brings up all types of options for service. Have you tried it?

We chose to make 50 pantry packs. The PDF they have explains how to create them so simply. From the video you saw Pantry packs provide food for the weekend to kids who otherwise might not have any food to eat outside of school. These are kids who benefit from free breakfast/lunch at the school. When we did our foster parent training we learned about possible food situations with kids and most of them don’t have a lot of food. Thinking about a child not having enough to eat for days is heartbreaking and humbling and pulls on my heart strings. SO – we did what we could to help.

STEP 1: It started with shopping. Again, they PDF they had to complete this project told us exactly what we needed and how many. It even broke it down on price. We hit WINCO hoping to get the best prices and most bang for our buck! I printed out the list and took it with me to the store.


STEP 2: Assembly! Again, the PDF showed us exactly where and how to place each item into the gallon size ziplock bag. We laid out all the 10 items on the table in order they would go into the bag. And well.. you saw in the video how we just circled the table filling the bags. Our youngest son is 9 years old and he was a great help! He filled each bag a bit slower but that’s OK! Everyone at their own pace. I am just glad we found a service opportunity he could participate in with us all together.


STEP 3: Load up and deliver! When I arrived at the center that distributes the pantry packs they were so “surprised” and glad I was there. They helped me unload them and thanked me for the support. To think that 50 kids over the next month or so will have food to eat when they usually wouldn’t is a good feeling.



My kids had a good time being silly together as we did this. And what’s better than that? Memories, service, and time together. I’ll take it! So check out and search social media for the hashtag #LightTheWorld this month and see what others all over the globe are doing to give service, give back, pay it forward and spread love and kindness.

xo… Meg