Invisible Mother – do you ever feel this way?

I was reading an article recently that struck me several times. When my kids where younger I certainly struggled with feeling “invisible” as a stay at home mom. Now, don’t get my wrong. There was not any other job I wanted to be doing but the “rewards” were certainly …… eh…. different? than those of being praised in the workplace. You can relate on some level right?

I wanted to share a few points that meant something to me:

  • 1. ” We live in a world that tells us our worth is found in external achievements. It’s in our grade point average, our college degree, how much money we make, or how many likes we got on our last post. It’s natural to try to find a measuring stick for success as a mother. But no one hands out medals for juggling carpools, getting laundry done, and making sure kids finish their homework. Yet I continue to do these things. “


I would never trade the days of endless story book reading, doll house playing, snacks – always more snacks, crumbs strung through out the house, endless hours of playing cars, having the same songs on replay, endless questions of “why” over and over, wiping faces, cleaning hands – oh the cleaning! Something always needs wiped up and cleaned, etc. I WANTED to be there for all the moments. That was my choice and my challenge to find the joy in it.

Were all the moments joyful? – I’m pretty sure you already KNOW the answer to this! But for the one reading this that needs it spelled out, here it is.

There was NOT joy in all the moments and that’s OK!

Life is meant to have highs and lows. Otherwise how can we learn and know the difference! How can we appreciate the everyday and the good times if we don’t also have the “bad” ones.?

Please remember – You ARE doing better than you think you are! –

  • 2.  “I realized that it is a talent to see the sacrifices others make on our behalf. Most of the people we serve, especially small children, don’t understand the sacrifices we make day by day.

The article talked about a book of photos of great cathedrals. Captions in the book said most of the people who helped build the cathedrals were unknown. Inside the book her friend wrote:

“Even when we think no one sees or appreciates what we do, God sees.”

Our daily lives are made up of little moments. I can’t help but think, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Don’t disregard the little things. Don’t shrug off the mundane day to day tasks. BUT in that same breath I say, if you have the means to “do something more” than DO IT!

By that I mean, if you can invite another mother over for a playdate or an at home lunch date – DO IT. They may be struggling with the day to day too and that feeling of being invisible and am I good enough? You could brighten her day, strengthen your spirit and in return I bet you feel the same.

If you can do something that you view as “smaller” or bigger – DO IT! We all have different talents, needs, strengths and weaknesses. As you reach out to “fill your cup”, you will fill countless others as well – some you may know who and some you may not even realize.

  •  3.   One more time….from the same article – “We may be doing things that only God can see, but they are the very things that make the greatest difference in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.” xo – Meg…..