An extra day – LEAP YEAR

  We have a LEAP day this year! 1 extra day to live life! I am NOT Holiday Mom. I am NOT Pinterest Mom. I am not even sure what “label” my parenting has. But if you have been a “Brassy” reader for any length of time you know I like to be intentional about […]

How do your clothes make you feel? just remember you are WORTH IT!!

(knitted items from Little Works of Grace etsy Shop, Tee from Brassy Apple Shop and photography by Aubrey Grace Photo) Sometimes I get flooded with an idea or a thought and it just HAS to be given a voice, let out….shared. So I am letting it be typed out….flowing from fingertips. Not really all my words […]

1 dress 4 ways – JourneyFive

Items in this post may have been provided. This post also may contain affliate links. All photos and opinions are 100% mine. I am all about versatility in my wardrobe! But you already knew that! I love it when a piece can be worn many different ways and with many different things. We thought this […]

DO Good – creative ways to donate clothing items

Anyone purging after the Holidays? Or getting ready to because you’ve got the Spring Cleaning bug? Besides just donating your clothing items to a local Goodwill or other great organization there are some other creative options maybe you haven’t heard of! so much GOOD can come from your closet! POP UP Street store for homeless […]

DIY Dining Room makeover #pyrahplantation

(some of the products used in this post I have been compensated for although all opinions, styling and photos are completely mine) Oh the power of paint! In the terms of speaking DIY, paint is a quick fix or “magic maker” for the change it produces in correlation with the cost. AND the ease of […]

101 ways to be happier this year

It’s January of 2016. January 1st seems like the most promoted beginning of a month EVER! LOL! All over social media we are exclaiming our excitement for a new year. New start. New chance. New slate. New page. New chapter. New goals. New “one little word”. New resolutions. Whether you are resolution or goal setting […]

My little reminder to Santa

(WOW! Throwback major time! My son was so little them and you can see my editing skills were not so “awesome” back then as I was getting started…heck they might not be so good now! LOL) Dear Santa, I love that you stand for giving. I think it’s wonderful that we have a time of […]

Do good: Cards for Christmas

It’s typical for everyone to shift their mindset and be more giving during the Holiday season. Giving of their time, money, resources and looking for ways to serve. I love that this season encompasses this and gives us this opportunity to focus on these wonderful attributes and ways to use our time. I love simple […]

Maybe that is why people decorate EARLY for Christmas

Christmas decor…. everyone has a difference of opinion of WHEN it should go up. I tend to not be bothered by that. I am on the other end of the spectrum. I get bothered when it stays up “forever!”. I am a take it down and put it away type of girl. And yes I […]

Treasures left behind – #PyrahPlantation

Today’s installment of Pyrah Plantation – our “new/old” house, a 60s southern home – has to do with the some treasures that were left for us by the owner. If you missed the 1 post be sure to click over and read a bit about how this new adventure all started (and see the outside of […]